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The english seize the dutch colony of new netherland by driving the dutch out of new netherland. P.S this might be wrong

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Why did King Charles II want to seize New Netherlands from the Dutch?

He wanted to compeat with the proprietary colony of New York

Why did English seize control of the Dutch colony?

they seized control of new Amsterdam because it was separating their north American empire. they had new England to the north and the middle and sourhern colonies to the south. Not only that but New York has a great trading port that England wanted

What is 'soixante-seize' when translated from French to English?

Soixante-seize in French is the number "76" in English.

What does seize ans de American reve mean in English?

"Seize ans de rêve américain" means "sixteen years of American dream" in English.

When did Britain seize control of the Falkland Islands?

The Falkland Islands became a British colony in 1833.

What is the present tense of seize?

Seize/seizes is present tense.I seizeWe seizeYou seizeHe/She/It seizesThey seize

Where did the word snatch come from?

From an early Dutch word 'snacchen' or 'snakken' There is also an old Norse word 'snaka' - to seize or grasp

How does the dictionary define seize?

The word seize is classified as a verb in the English dictionary, meaning to take hold of with force and suddenly. This means to put in possession of an item or thing.

What does seize mean in french?

Sixteen. It is pronounced to sound like the English word "says".

What is 'Seize the day' when translated from English to Italian?

It is a combination of misspelled English and Italian. The phrase "il Giorno" is Italian for "the day"; and "Sieze" is, well... you know what "Seize" is.The CORRECT Italian phrase for "seize the day" (Latin carpe diem) would be "Grippi il giorno" and would be pronounced as:Greepee eel jorno

What is 'Seize the day Seize the moment' when translated from English to Italian?

Cogli l'attimo or we can also use the more sophisticated famous classic Latin carpe diem

What is the French translation of the English number '116'?

Cent seize is a French equivalent of the English number "116".Specifically, the masculine noun cent means "100". The masculine number seize translates as "16". The pronunciation will be "saw sez" in French.

What is 'carpe diem' in Japanese?

Seize the day is the English equivalent of 'Carpe diem'. In the word by word translation, the verb 'carpe' means 'seize, take'. The noun 'diem' means 'day'. The phrase loosely may be translated as 'Seize the opportunity'.

Which is the correct spelling sieze or seize?

The answer is SIEZE. Remember the rule of English, 'i' before 'e' except after 'c'. But also remember rules were made to be broken. Saul Bellow wrote "Seize the Day".

What Latin root means 'to seize'?

Rap- is the Latin root that means 'to seize'. Latin derivatives include the infinitive 'rapere' for 'to seize, snatch'; the adverb 'raptim' for 'violently'; and the noun 'raptor' for 'robber'. English derivatives include the adjectives 'rapt' and 'raptorial', and the noun 'raptor'.

Why did the spanish and british try to seize saint domingue during the french revolution?

Because the French were too busy with their own revolution to fight for their colony.

How do you say carpe diem in hawaiian?

I can take you only so far. It's "seize the day" in English. Now I can move the question into the "English to Hawaiian" category.

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