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Why did the Federalists Believe they didnt need a Bill of Rights?

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Why did the federalists believe the bill of rights was unnecessary for the ratification of the constitution?

The federalists did believe that the bill of rights was unnecessary for the ratification of the constitution because the constitution had granted them too much powers.

What arguments did the federalists use against having a bill of rights?

The argument of the federalists is that the constitution gave the nationalists the strong national government that had wanted. Federalists felt that the Constitution provided the necessary protection already and the Bill of Rights was unnecessary. Also, the Bill of Rights pointed out rights that the government didnt have, therefore outlining the powers the government didnt have gave the appearance that the government had more powers than it actually did.

Why didnt the federalist want the bill of rights?

Many federalists simply didn't see the need for a Bill of Rights. They felt the Constitution did a sufficient job in balancing power between the national government and the states. The Bill of Rights was added to appease the anti-federalists.

When the Constitution was written what did the liberals believe was needed?

If you mean the Anti-federalists, then the Bill of Rights.

Were the anti federalists justified by the constitution?

Yes, because the government didnt have total control after the constitution was written. It gave the citizens rights, the bill of rights.

What is the difference of anti-federalists and federalists and papers?

federalists wanted the constitution to remainn in its origanal state without the bill of rights. anti federalists wanted the bill of rights

What did the anti federalists believe needed to be included in the constitution?

The Bill of Rights. (1st 10 Amendments)

The was the lasting legacy of the Anti-Federalists?

Bill of Rights

What was the lasting legacy of the Anti-Federalists?

the bill of rights

What were the positions of Federalists and Antifederalists?

Federalists were for a strong federal government and didn't think that the Bill of Rights is necessary for the government to run without corruption. Anti-federalists thought that the Constitution didn't properly protect their rights like a Bill of Rights would do. However, in the end the Federalists let the anti-federalists have the Bill of Rights.

Why did the Federalists argue that a Bill of Rights was unnecessary?

The Federalists argued that a Bill of Rights was unnecessary because they thought that the Constitution already protected the people's rights.

How did the federalists get the anti federalists to sign the Constitution?

They included the Bill of Rights.

What was the addition to satisfy anti-federalists?

added bill of rights

Why did the federalists promise to attach a bill of rights to the Constitution and what amendments did this include?

The federalists promised to attach a bill of rights because the anti-federalists were writing series of papers like the federalists and by attaching the bill of rights the anti-federalists no longer had an argument. Which means the federalists won and were able to keep the constitution. They were the first ten amendments to the constitution.

What do anti-federalists believe?

Anti-federalists believe that State government should be more important and more powerful than the Federal government. They also believe that the Bill of Rights is good and that it should be kept.

What document was added to the original constitution that made it acceptable to the Anti-federalists?

Bill of Rights. First 10 amendments. The Bill of Rights

What was the bargaining chip that the federalists offered the anti federalists in order to end their fears of strong government?

I believe it is the Bill of Rights, but I am only a student searching for the answer as well.

What were the issues upon which the Federalists and Anti-Federalists disagreed?

The main issue that the federalists and anti-federalists disagreed upon was the bill of rights. The federalists believed that the people should just have the constitution, however the anti-federalists believed in making a bill of rights so the people could see what there rights were.

What did the anti federalists believe about the constitution?

Anti-federalists thought that the Constitution did not contain enough guarantees of the rights of individual citizens. They were instrumental in having the Bill of Rights added as the first ten amendments to the Constitution.

How did the federalists and anti federalists settle their differences?

By adding a bill of rights to the constitution

Who demanded the bill of rights?

The anti-federalists.

Who insisted on a bill of rights?


Are federalists for the Bill of Rights?

Heck maybe!

What did federalists do to get support for the constitution?

Bill of Rights

What was the Bill of Rights Compromise?

Federalists were in favor of the Constitution but anti-federalists were not because they were in fear of losing their rights. Congress included the Bill of Rights as an attachment to satisfy both parties.