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Why did the Florida panther almost disappear?


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Loss of habitat

Sooo True.. and add to that, lack of food due to restrictions of hunting territory and they had to have problems finding mates in or near their marked territory. This would have forced them out of their area looking for a mate and food, which was very dangerous. All these things had to slowly narrow their choices, to the point of leaving no choice. Without help they just didn't have enough room to live.


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the Florida panther is native to Florida

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The Florida panther is a cougar.

Florida panther was created in 1899.

The Florida panther is a subspecies of the mountain lion, found in the swamps of Florida.

Yes the Florida Panther lives in the Florida Everglades.

Yes, The Florida Panther is the State Animal of the U.S. State of Florida.

Florida panther - and all cougars - are in the Order of Carnivora.

The Florida panther is a subspecies of the puma, also called a cougar or mountain lion.

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No, there are no leopards in Florida. The Florida panther, a subspecies of the cougar, does occur there as well as bobcats. The Florida panther is actually not a true panther (genus panthera) but is a member of the genus puma.

There are no species of panther in Florida. There is, however, one subspecies of the cougar that is sometimes called the Florida panther. However, it is a puma and not a true panther.

The Florida panther is a subspecies of the cougar or mountain lion - Puma concolor coryi.

The Florida Panther was placed on the endangered species list in 1967

Florida does have panthers, called the Florida Panther, they live in southern Florida, mostly in the everglades. They are nocturnal and feed on rodents and birds.

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the Florida panther is not extinct it is endangered but they are very Cloe's to being extinct

The habitat of the Florida Panther would the Florida Everglades or The Forest mainly any place grassy and full of space.

The state cat of Florida is the Florida panther. The state officially adopted the Florida panther as the state cat in 1982.

There may only be 100 to 180 adult Florida panthers left. The Florida panther is the Florida state animal.

Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1989.

The Florida panther is a native animal to the state of Florida. However, they are endangered. The main threat to the Florida panther is the loss of habitat.

The Florida panther is native to the U.S. It is closely related to the North American cougar but the two are very different species.

The abiotic needs of the Florida panther include readily available water, an even, warm temperature and low elevation. Without these things, the Florida panther finds it hard to survive.

The only endangered race is the Florida panther. Google" Florida Panther", they have a site dedicated to how to donate.

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