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The Founding Fathers chose a Democratic Government because they wanted the peoples opinion to matter. They also may have been afraid that the government would turn into a monarchy or Dictatorship.

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What branch of the government did the founding fathers view as the most democratic?

House of representatives

Founding fathers democratic reformers?


What did the Founding Fathers fear?

The founding fathers feared that a democratic government, with power in the hands of the people. They knew and discussed how all prior democracies ended in disastrous failure.

What did the founding fathers mean by republic?

What the founding fathers meant by republic is citizens having rights to elect those who represent them. The founding fathers are believed to have been against democracy.

Why does the US have a constitutional republic?

Primarily because that is the form of government the 'founding fathers' chose.

What does having a republic government mean?

in constructing the government of the U.S. the founding fathers settled on a republic and representative democracy. first, define republic and what general rationales for having a republic?

The constitution create what government?

the constitution was created in the United States by the founding fathers to create a representative democratic and capitalist government.

How did Roman government influence the founding fathers of the US?

because the Romans invented the Republic. (the Republic is a way of ruling a country)

Who are the architects of our republic according to Martin Luther King Jr?

the founding fathers the founding fathers

Who established limited government?

The principal of limited government is a characteristic of a Republic form of government setup by the founding fathers for the United States.

What were the founding fathers views of government?

The founding fathers viewed the government as limited. The government served at the bequest of the people.

Who established the principal of limited government?

The principal of limited government is a characteristic of a Republic form of government setup by the founding fathers for the United States.

What happened to make the founding fathers create a republic?

In a republican form of government, elected representatives are responsible for the government operation and are also responsible to those citizens who elected them. The Founding Fathers did not establish a pure democracy within the Constitution of the United States. They provided for indirect democracy, or, a republic. The Founding Fathers were classical conservatives. They believed that democratic ideals would best be obtained by a governenment that was not dependent upon the daily whims of the population. The people would best be served by electing representatives who would uphold the framework of government set down in the Constitution.

Where does the government get its powers from?

The constitution from our founding fathers The constitution from our founding fathers

Why did the founding fathers decide that the United States should be a republic?

The founding fathers felt the US should be a republic because they wanted the US to have freedoms they didn't have in Britain.

Why does the US have a democracy government?

because god made it that way!!:) Our founding fathers did not want to be ruled by a king or a parliament that was not fair. They wanted to establish a government in which the people are in charge. America is actually a democratic republic where the people elect representatives to do the work of decision making in government.

Were the founding fathers more concerned about overreaching government power or the mass class?

The founding fathers were more concerned about overreaching government power.

What political party was found by the founding fathers?

The Democratic-Republican party

Which ancient governments inspired the founding fathers the most?

The Founding Fathers of the US and later the Framers of the US Constitution looked at the structure of the ancient Roman Republic as a model for their idea of the new US republic. Flawed as it was, the Roman Republic had what can be termed a government structure where power was shared. The US Constitution created a central government where powers are shared. It has been said that the US republic was the first one after ancient Rome's republic.

Is the nation democratic with two parties?

The US government is part republic and part democracy. In a true democracy the people directly vote on laws - there are no representatives or senators. In a true republic the people vote on representatives who then vote on senators. So America is part of both. (The founding fathers originally intended America to be a true republic, but that changed in 1913 when the people were allowed to vote directly on senators. If you read the reasons behind the founding fathers' choice, a republic seems like a better idea.)

2 How did the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans differ regarding criticism of the government and freedom of speech and the press?

in us presidents and the founding fathers

Who made the government?

In the US, our founding fathers.

Is America's government a democracy or a republic?

It is a democratic republic, not necessarily a democracy. A democracy is worse than anarchy, tyranny, and monarchy; according to our founding fathers. So they wanted a republic, which is the best form of government because they wanted the voice of the people; they thought a democracy was bad because of the human habits, if someone got mad they would vote for something, etc.

What type of government did the founding fathers start?

To quote Benjamin Franklin when he was asked that very question, "A republic madam, if you can keep it." Michael Montagne

What system of government did the Founding Fathers devise?