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The French in VietnamThe French colonized Vietnam (and also Laos and Cambodia) from about 1860 onwards. The process of colonization was completed in the 1880s.

In WW2 the Japanese seized control of the area (in 1940-41) and ruled it with the active collaboration of the pro-Vichy French there. In Vietnam an effective resistance movement (the future Vietminh) formed round Ho Chi Minh. With some help from the U.S., mainly training by experts in guerrilla warfare, it almost succeeded in gaining control of the whole of Vietnam by the end of WW2.

In 1946 the French army returned, and the struggle continued. However, by 1954 the French were defeated and had to withdraw.

So the French were essentially not involved in the Vietnam War as seen from the US viewpoint.

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Whene did the french get involved in the Vietnam war?

The French were involved with Vietnam from 1887-1954. The actual French Indochina War was 1946-1954.

What Asian country was involved in the french Indian war?


What countries started the Vietnam war?

Vietnam started as a civil war with French interference, and fairly soon the US and CCCP got involved.

What was the Vietnam war called before the US got involved?

The First Indochina War or the French-Indocina War.

Why did the us get involved in the vietnam war-?

The United States did get involved in the Vietnam war because of communism in Vietnam.

Vietnam war before US got involved?

The French fought there for ten years.

How were the French involved in the Vietnam War?

Like almost every war in history the war was about commerce. In this case the commerce of rubber.

What war began in the 60s?

{| |- | The US involvement in Vietnam began in the 60's. The French had been involved in the war for a long time. Vietnam War went forward for a decade. |}

What did NATO do in Vietnam War?

Nato was not involved in the Vietnam War.

What major countries were involved in Vietnam War?

The major countries involved in the Vietnam War include Japan, France, Vietnam, and the US.

Who was at war with the UK in the the Vietnam war?

The UK was not involved in the Vietnam war - it was the USA!

Why was England involved in the Vietnam War?

The United Kingdom (including England) was not at all involved in the Vietnam war

What did NATO do during the Vietnam War?

NATO was not involved in the Vietnam War.

How was the US involved in Vietnam War?

The US was involved in Vietnam War in the 1960's to help fight for freedom.

Who lost the Vietnam War?

the French lost the Vietnam war

How was the UN involved in Vietnam after the Vietnam War?

They weren't.

Why was South Vietnam involved in the Vietnam War?

ask what the Vietnam war was about and look for my answer it'll explain

Why was it important for the US to get involved in the Vietnam war?

Vietnam was part of the cold war.

What was the French connection to Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

The French had fought there from 1946 to 1954; 1st Indochina War or French Indochina War.

Which happen first the US became involved in a war in Vietnam or a military defeat led France to pull out of its former colony of Vietnam?

The French war came first (1946-1954).

Why did the french join the Vietnam war?

The originally owned Vietnam. (French Indochina)

How did the French influence Vietnam?

French was a second language in Vietnam during the war.

Why did the us become involved on the Vietnam war?

Vietnam was part of the cold war. A war against communism.

Why is the Vietnam war often called the 'American war'?

One of the main reasons was to separate the Vietnam War from the French War or French Vietnam War (which is often referred to as the French Indochina War; and lately, the 1st Indochina War). To makes things simple: The French Indochina War and the US (American) Vietnam War, might be the easiest way to remember it.

How was Truman involved with the Vietnam War?

he was the first president to be involved in it