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Why did the German's treat the Jews like that?

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The simple answer is; because they could. No one was trying to stop them.

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Why Germans treat Jews?

because they taste like candy.

What do they treat people like?

They let the Germans (aryans) freely smash Jewish shop windows and if Germans saw Jews on the street they were free to bash them. They let the Germans (aryans) freely smash Jewish shop windows and if Germans saw Jews on the street they were free to bash them.

Why did the Nazi Germans dislike Jews?

Many Germans are Jews. Many Jews are German and British, Norwegian, Australian etc. Germans like Jews just fine.

Why did the good Germans not stop the Holocaust?

Because, if ANYONE tried, the Nazis would treat them like they were treating the Jews. And, when they did, death for them would be Instantaneous. Any protests=Yay! new pile of dead "Jews"

Did the germans hate the jews?

No, not all Germans hates the Jews. However, the particular group of Germans that hates the Jews were called the Nazi Germans.

Did the Germans beat Jews?

If you mean beat like physical abuse then yes they hit and did even worse to Jews, but the Germans were defeated in the war.

Why did the Germans put Jews in ghettos?

There is no actual reason. The germans have hated Jews since the middle ages. Hitler re-awoke that. The germans wanted Jews to be separated from the germans. They just REALLY hated Jews.

Germans and Jews the same?

No. Not all Germans are Jews and not all Jews are German. But there are German Jews, as well as Jews with many other nationalities.

Why do Germans dislike Jews?

germans dislike jews because Adolf Hitler tricked them in to thinking that jews were not true germans because they were different in some ways

Did germans hate polish Jews?

Typically speaking, for both Philo-Semites and Anti-Semites, it does not matter what country a Jew comes from in order for him to be loved or hated. As a result, Germans who hated Jews would hate Jews whether they were German or Polish and Germans who liked Jews would like Jews whether they were German or Polish.

How did the Germans work the Jews to death?

The Germans worked the Jews to death by having them as sleves

Why was there conflict between the Jews and the Germans?

because there was. The Jews were s successful and the Germans were jealous.

How did the germans treat the jews during world war 2?

The Nazis were extremely cruel and tried to kill as many Jews as possible. They killed millions of them in terrible concentration camps

Why where the Jews taken to the ghettos?

Jews were taken by the Germans because the Germans, more spoken Hitler blamed the war on the Jews

How did the geamany treat the Jews?

From about 1933 until the end of World War II in 1945, the Germans worked to exterminate the Jews. Approximately six million people, mostly Jews, were killed in German concentration camps.

What did Hitler and the Nazis not like about the Jews?

he did not like the way they looked, blamed them for the germans losing the war.

Why were the Jews in the camp treated so bad?

Because the Germans didn't like them..?

What happened to the Germans when they liberated the Jews?

There's a muddle here. The surviving Jews were liberated by the Allies, not by the Germans.

How did Germans accept the extermination of Jews?

Germans were not told that the Jews were being exterminated at the time, they believed that the Jews were being re-settled in the east.

Why do Jews behave like Jews?

Perhaps you care to elaborate...if not, then ask yourself: Why do Frenchmen behave like Frenchmen Why do Germans behave like Germans Why do Gambians behave like Gambians Why do Norwegians behave like Norwegians Why do Nepalese behave like Nepalese Why do Venezuelans behave like Venezuelans. Get the point?

What did the Jews of sighet think of the Germans in the book night?

the jews thought that the germans were awful people. That the germans had brought them to hell. (my english professor told me this answer)

How did the Germans treat the Jews who were not classified as Jews?

It is not clear what you mean by 'Jews who were not classified as Jews'. Within Germany Jews were classified as:Full Jews (three or four Jewish grandparents)Half Jews (two Jewish grandparents)Quarter Jews (one Jewish grandparent)Everyone else was in the clear unless they wanted to join the SS.

Why did the Germans use ghettos?

they were used to get the Jews out of the Germans way and for the Germans to have more space

Did the jews ever deny the germans work?

Jews did not prevent Germans from working at any time in German history.

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