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Following the retreat of the British and other allied forces from Dunkirk the Germans (Hitler etc.) felt they could overtake the British mainland as they had the Continental countries, by similar blitzkrieg tactics, Because the British channel stood in the way of invasion by land forces the Germans thought they could soften up the UK population by indiscriminate bombing. In the first fifteen months from the start of bombing 40,000 people were killed and by the end of hostilities a total of 60,000 had died. The RAF in the period called the Battle of Britain caused such a high casualty rate in German personnel and aircraft they were forced to restrict their subsequent activities. This of course was well before the US entered the war ! Hieler can't occupy England ,so he want use bomb let England submit

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Q: Why did the Germans bomb England in the Blitz?
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What did Germans hope to achieve in the blitz?

The Germans hoped to bomb Britain into suing for peace .

What was London blitz?

germans in planes dropping bombs on england

What made the blitz finish?

The reason the blitz finished was because the Germans decided that they were bored and didn't want to bomb, as they got bad arms from it

Who was responsible for the blitz?

Adolf Hitler was definitely responsible since he told the Germans to bomb London.

Why did Germans bomb civilians during the blitz?

To try and demoralize the civilian population.

How many consecutive nights did Germany bomb England in the blitz?


What was the impact from the London blitz?

The blitz generally didnt have a big impact. The Germans wanted to bomb England and they did, but they wanted us to back down, but we never did. They also wanted us to stop having food coming from other countries. We did still manage to get food and in the end make the Germans back down.

What were the motives behind the London blitz?

The Germans were trying to obtain air superiority in order to invade England.

Why did the Germans bomb the US?

because they helped England fight them in world war 2(:

What type of bombs were drop during the blitz?

what type of bombs were dropped in the Blitz by the Germans

When was the blize in World War 2?

The blitz occurred in England when the Nazi Germans began dropping bombs on London in September 7th 1940 and it continued through May 10, 1941. After the Normandy Invasion the Germans began bombing again but that time period was not officially called the blitz.

Did Germans bomb England during World War II?

The Germans bombed England constantly during World War 2. The Battle of Britain is one of the biggest victories of the Allies, preventing Germany from bombing England into submission.

What name did the Germans use for the lightning war?

The Blitz

Why was the blitz a turning point?

it was the first defeat for the germans

How can you use the word blitz in a sentence?

The Germans did a blitz on Great Britain during World War 2.

Why did the Germans attack England in the blitz?

Because Hitler was very angry with Britain, and wanted to expand his policy which Britain didnt want so he attacked them.

Why did German planes fly over England in ww2?

the Germans flew over England to bomb factories, docks, cities, airfields and radar stations to weakened England in preparation for operation sealion, the invasion of England which in the end was aborted as the Germans couldn't gain air superiority over Britain due to the RAF being stronger than the Germans had first thought. so basically German planes flew over Britain to bomb it.

Why did the Germans blitz England?

It was initially a response to a British air raid on Germany. But the Germans wanted to demonstrate overwhelming destructive power and soften up the British so that a planned invasion could go ahead.

What were the Germans hoping to receive form the blitz?

Resources and land.

Why did they call the blitz the lightning war?

The Blitz and the lightning war are two different things.The Blitz is the continuous German bombings England suffered in 1940.The lightning war - (Blitzkreig) is the strategy used by Germans during WW2 to breakthough rapidly the ennemi's defense, based on armored tanks (Panzer).

Where else was the Blitz?

blaaaaa What do you mean? Much of England was bombed to bits but the Germans also bombed cities in Scotland, Wales and even managed to reach Ireland.

Why didn't the Allies drop an A Bomb on the Germans?

because by the time the bomb was ready the Germans were pretty much beaten already.

Did Germany bomb the US during World War 2?

No the Germans did not bomb the USA. We did. The Germans would call it "Blitzkrieg"

Why didn't the allies drop an A bomb on Germans?

The Germans surrendered before the bomb was tested successfully.

What bombs did Germans use in the blitz?

They used nuclear and atomic bombs.