Germany in WW2
France in WW2

Why did the Germans take over France?

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Because they boarded the France and started to take over.

it took them 6 weeks to capture paris and rule france

Adolf Hitler took over France. They also put the swastika over Paris on the Eiffel Tower.

There was no Battle of France. The Germans invaded France (several times) and effectively took it over, if only temporarily.

The "Battle of France" began May 10, 1940 and France surrendered on June 25; which is a total of 46 days.

germans are from germany not france

In Russia, the Germans' goal was to take over Soviet

His popularity fluctuated. It peaked in June 1940 after the Germans' easy victory over France.

Yes they did. Watch Allo Allo

The French were focused on the French-German border, meanwhile, the Germans entered France through Belgium. The Germans were able to quickly flank the French forces, and kept the French pinned until they retreated to England.

Haha, it's a matter of opinion. But France in mine, because they not got taken over by the Germans and became Vichy France, but then also allied with the Germans when they saw that the take over was imminent. Then, when the US came to fight the German occupation, France switched sides yet again, allying with the US. -Linds

not really, they were rounded up and handed over to the Germans

No He managed to take over France

Because it had won a victory over the Germans.

At the 5th century Germans conquered France. Germans are the oldest population.

what year did the German troops take over Paris, France

goal was to take over soviet oil fields...

It took place in France, where the Germans used Chlorine gas to kill many Canadians. Actually, it was fought over the town of Ypres in Belgium.

In 1940, British soldiers were in France to try and stop the Germans invading. In 1944 they were in France to beat the Germans back.

The leader of France in 1940 was Charles De Gaulle. When the Germans took over France, he moved the government to England. After the war, he was elected president of France for several terms.

they didn't france was our ally

The Germans Took Over France Poland And Other Countries. Japan Take Over China Not Whole Thing And Other Countries.Italy Unknown.Bombing Of Pearl Harbour Made Us Join In.German Betrayal On Russia.British Want To Help France.

they started in 1941 and ended in 1944 . :(

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