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Why did the Goblins join the Horde on WOW?


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January 26, 2011 6:24PM

The Goblins that joined the horde joined because when they were fleeing there homeland of Kezan after Deathwing attacked it and caused the volcano to destroy the island, the alliance was in battle with a horde ship. The Human Captain had orders to destroy all ships in the area and leave no witnesses. So they attacked the ship the goblins were fleeing on. After the ship was sunk the survivors went to the near by islands called the Lost Isles. There the Goblin survivors found horde and alliance battling. Since the alliance attacked them at sea the Goblins found the horde camp and asked for help from the horde. In return the Goblins helped them defeat the alliance and rescue Thrall from the alliance who captured him. After this Thrall gave the Goblins a token to give to Grommash Hellscream in Org. And this is how they joined the Horde