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According to the Gosselins, they do not have a nanny. However, they do have a "mother's helper" that helps with the children 6 hours a day. Whatever title you give her, this woman helps the Gosselin's keep up with their 8 children.

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Q: Why did the Gosselins get a nanny?
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Do the Gosselins have a nanny?

During season 2, the Gosselins hired a babysitter from nannies4hire. She is no longer there, but recently they have said on newer episodes that they will never have a nanny. At this time, the Gosselins have a helper that helps them out 4-6 hours a day. The nanny issue is one of the hot-topics of discussion surrounding the Gosselins and their reality show. Is a help that is there 4-6 hours a day full time? Technically no. Is she a a formal nanny? Technically, no, since she helps the family with general household duties as well. According to the Gosselins, they are doing it 'on their own." But reports and comments from the Gosselins themselves indicate they do have help. It is up to you to decide the rest. In a recent episode, Kate Gosselin said their current babysitter prefers her privacy, so she won't be on camera or have her identity revealed.

How many nannies have the Gosselins had?

How much help the Gosselins have had while raising their children is a hot topic on message boards and blogs about 'Jon & Kate Plus 8." While Kate Gosselin contends that they have never had a nanny, other say that the Gosselins have had substantial round-the-clock help since the birth of the sextuplets. Initially, a cadre of organized volunteers and a state funded nurse helped the Gosselins care for their children. After the first year, the state stopped funding for the nurse, but some volunteers continued to assist the Gosselins. Then, Dr. Phil provided a the Gosselins with a girl from Nannies 4 Hire. Still, the Gosselins continue to assert that they have never had a nanny. As their fame grew, the Gosselins continue to use paid "people" to help them manage their brood of 8. While they may not be nannies, they do things that most people would typically associate with a nanny caring for children. The exact number is not known, however the Gosselin's former nurse said that Kate Gosselin had fired more than 2 dozen nurses prior to her arrival in the Gosselin home.

What do the gosselins eat from McDonald's?

The Gosselins dont eat Mcdonalds

What breed of chickens do the Gosselins have?

The Gosselins have rhode island reds

Does Kate Gosselin have a polyvore?

I work for Polyvore. Kate did have an account at one time. The Gosselins' nanny now runs the account.See related links.The account, and this answer are not validated at this time. Keep that in mind folks.

Where did the Gosselins vacation?

The Gosselins have gone to Utah, Disney World, and North Carolina to vacation.

What type of family are the Gosselins?

The Gosselins are a nuclear family, parents and children living together.

What is kate gosselins sister kendras last name?

gosselins is her sister's last name

What is Jon gosselins whole name?

Jon Gosselins full name is Jonathan Keith Gosselin.

Where did the Gosselins stay when they went to Hawaii?

The Gosselins stayed at the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui, Hawaii.

How can you get a magazine of the Gosselins and there new House in Pennsylvania?

You can go to the library and search through the archives for articles about the Gosselins, or you could buy past issues of various magazines that featured the Gosselins. Considering that the Gosselins have been on the cover of 50+ magazines since March, there should be a lot to choose from.

Where are pictures of the Gosselins?

You can find pictures of the Gosselins on their homepage on TLC. As well as on the cover of nearly every tabloid during 2009 and well into 2010. Or, try out the tabloid websites.. they are packed with pictures of the Gosselins.

What does nanny-ize mean?

Nanny-ize means fat nanny .=If your not fat then your just a nanny !=

You want to meet the gosselins?

== ==

Do the rollofs know the gosselins?


Are the gosselins twins identical?


Are Kate gosselins parents alive?

Yes, Kate Gosselins are alive and well and live in central Pennsylvania. Yes. Kate's parents are both still alive and living in the same part of Pennsylvania as the Gosselins.

What is a poot nanny?

A poot nanny is a nanny that poots all the time!

Who is takes care of the Gosselin children when Jon and Kate are away?

Allegedly, the Gosselins have a nanny to take care of the children when they are away. Although, Kate continues to say she takes care of the children 24/7, so it is hard to tell what is actually going on.

How many silly bandz do the Gosselins own?

Whatz up guyz this is Justin bieber,Gosselins has MANY silly bands.

Did the Gosselins quit 'Kate Plus 8'?

No. The Gosselins continue to enjoy trips and adventures for 'Kate Plus 8."

Do the Gosselins have a Wii?

Yes, the Gosselins were shown playing Wii Music as a family in an episode, that doesn't mean they still have it or use it.

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