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Why did the Irish come to Texas?

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The Irish left their homeland in great numbers looking for land and opportunity. Land in the west was cheap, inexpensive or even free. Used to hard work in the rocky and hilly fields of Ireland, the abundant flat lands of Texas and the other western states attracted vast numbers of immigrants.

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Did Irish immigrants come to Texas?


When did the Irish come to Texas?

The Irish came to Texas during the Mexican War in 1850 looking for land and opportunitys.

When did the Irish first come to Texas?

they were one of the first spanish Texas settlers which might have been in about the 1700's

How did the Irish immigrants get to Texas?

Most came to Texas overland by wagon in the 1800's. Now days they come by air, and ships.

Where did the Irish in Texas come from?

Many were from Massachusetts and New York. They had moved to help build the Railroad.

What Year did Irish people come to Texas?

early 1800's and around 1845-1850 vast numbersstarted coming to Texas

Where did the Irish people settle in Texas?

irish people came from ireland and settled in texas

What is an Irish Texans fact when they came to Texas?

They were Irish

Where did the Irish settle?


Where in Texas did the Irish settle?

in where you live!!!

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No, Beyonce was born in Houston Texas. She's American. Samantha Mumba is Irish.

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come = tar

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No, they have Irish accents.

How many Irish people live in Texas?


Why did Irish immigrants come to Texas?

they came because the potatoes were the most famouse food in the 1800's and that the potatoes didn't grow they paniced and came to the U.S.A

Where did the Irish settle in Texas?

They settled in the west, where there was cheap land so that they could farm like they did in Ireland. The Irish settled in Branfelt, Dallas, and Houston once they got to Texas.

When did the Irish come to America?


Where do the Irish come from?


What did the Irish come by?


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Did the Irish settle in Texas?

Yes. Around the year 1850.

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Where did the Irish immigrants come from?

Irish immigrants have come from all parts of Ireland. For hundreds of years Irish people have left Ireland and gone to other countries around the world. There are now millions of people all around the world that are Irish or have Irish ancestry.

What year did Irish people come to the US?

Irish people came from Ireland.