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To neutrlise it as an Allied base.

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Q: Why did the Japanese bomb Darwin?
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Did the Japanese bomb Darwin?


When did Japanese bomb Darwin?

The Japanese bombed Darwin in Australia on February 19, 1942. A total of 242 Japanese aircraft took part in the attack, bombing ships in Darwin's harbor.

Where exactly in Darwin did the Japanese bomb?

64 times in between the 19th of February 1932 and the 12th of November 1943.

How do you say Darwin in Japanese?

'Darwin' isใƒ€ใƒผใ‚ฆใ‚ฃใƒณ (daawin) in Japanese.

Why did Japanese and Darwin fight?

The Japanese bombed Darwin to neutralise Allied naval and air forces there.

How do you spell bomb in Japanese?

Bomb in Japanese is 爆弾 (bakudan).

Did the Japanese really bomb Darwin Australia in World War 2?

Yes. That's what made aircraft carriers so dangerous, they could strike anywhere!

Why did the Japanese not invade Australia?

They might have; they did bomb Darwin, and they were headed that way; but they were stopped at the Battle of the Coral Sea.Answer The Japanese were stopped on land in New Guinea and no longer had the resources nor the ability to invade Australia afterwards.

What part of Australia was attacked by the Japanese?

Darwin and the northern territory.Darwin

Did the Japanese invade bathurst island?

No, the Japanese never landed on or invaded Bathurst Island. Bathurst was, however, the first place to be attacked by the Japanese in an airbourne assault before the bombing of Darwin. Father John McGrath, head of the missionary on Bathurst island, sent radio signals to Darwin warning of the oncoming onslaught of Japanese fighter planes from his signal station next to the church as they flew overhead. The Japanese machine gunned the church and signal station from the air and dropped a bomb on an aircraft in Bathurst Island airfield. They then continued on to Darwin, bombing the city and harbour.

What was the cause of the conflict for the attack on Darwin by the Japanese?

The Japanese were moving in that direction.

What year did the Japanese attack Darwin?


Where did the Japanese bomb Australia?

The Japanese bombed a number of cities and towns in Australia during World War II - many more than most people realise. North Australian towns airports and harbours were repeatedly bombed, with Darwin bearing the brunt of the attacks. Darwin was first bombed on 19 February 1942. Japanese air attacks continued until November 1943. Darwin was bombed a total of 64 times. Other victims of Japanese air raids were Townsville, Mossman, Katherine, Wyndham, Derby, Broome and Port Hedland.

How do you say 'bomb' in Japanese?

爆弾 Bakudan

Why did the Japanese attack Darwin?

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Did any of the Japanese die in the Darwin bombing?


How do you say bomb in Japanese?


How did the bomb effect Japanese?

They suredderd

Who believes in the atomic bomb?

The Japanese...

Did the Japanese create the atomic bomb?


Did the Japanese attack after the atomic bomb?


What is the word 'bomb' when translated from English to Japanese?

bakuden or bakudan

Did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor on purpose?

Why else would they bomb the harbour?

What was the Japanese code name for launching the attack on Darwin?


What ship was the first to fire at the Japanese at Darwin?

USS Perry.