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The Liberty Bell has cracked several times, and each time it happened because the bell was rung. Each time it broke, it was repaired, but the last time it broke -- in 1846, when it was rung for George Washington's birthday -- it cracked really badly and could not be repaired. It is now on display in Philadelphia. As Agent Scully said on the X-files, "It's a big bell, with a big crack, and you have to wait in a long line." That was pretty much my experience, too. See the Related Link below for more details.

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According to Tim and Moby, the Articles of Confederation, Tim and Moby go back in time to the Second Continental Congress times. In the end of the episode Tim shouts that the liberty bell is near them so Moby rings it, causing a large crack. Then Tim and Moby run away back to the future. That is how the bell cracked.

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Why does the Liberty Bell not ring?

it has a crack in it

What year did the Liberty Bell crack?

in 1835

Why do people visit the liberty bell?

to see the crack in it

What is the big deal about the crack on the Liberty Bell?

the liberty bell was ringed when a person or family did something good. Like a hero.

What is a1954 coin with the Liberty Bell with crack in it worth?

As you can tell from looking below the bell, the coin is a half dollar. Also, if you check any history book you'll find that the Liberty Bell really does have a crack in it.

What does the Liberty Bell look like?

it looks like a big bell with a crack :p

How many times did the Liberty Bell crack?

2 times

How did Liberty Bell get its crack?

Abraham Lincoln took a dump on it.

Why is there a crack in the liberty bell?

Because when it was first hit it cracked.

The liberty bell is famous for what flaw?

A large crack runs from the bottom of the bell to the inscription on the upper portion of the bell.

How did they break the Liberty Bell?

The liberty bell was last rung on george washingtons birthday the bell cracked beacause of so many times it was glued back together the crack on the bell repersents liberty and the pursuit of happines we are very honor to have the liberty bell to this day...

What are the parts of the Liberty Bell?

The parts of the Liberty Bell are the yoke, crown, head, shoulder, waist, sound rim, tip, mouth, clapper, and bead line. The liberty bell also has an inscription on the top of the bell and a crack.

What year did the Liberty Bell get its first crack?

first time it was rung

What are the four symbols of the Liberty Bell?

The Liberty Bell is known for its iconic status when it was used as a symbol by the abolitionists. It is associated with the Declaration of Independence. The Liberty Bell has a crack extending through it. The Bell stands as a symbol of unity to the United States.

Whose funeral did the Liberty Bell crack on?

It is said that the Liberty Bell cracked in 1835 while ringing after the death of Chief Justice John Marshall. This is not proven, but the crack has been there since the early 19th Century.

What sights can you see in Philly?

One of the sights you can in Philadelphia is the Liberty bell that has the crack.

Why is the crack on The Liberty Bell?

There is widespread disagreement about when the first crack appeared on the Bell. Hair-line cracks on bells were bored out to prevent expansion. However, it is agreed that the final expansion of the crack which rendered the Bell unringable was on Washington's Birthday in 1846.

What is the most popular date given for when the famous crack in the liberty bell occured?

ANSWER:The famous crack on the Liberty Bell happened on July 8, 1835. While being rung during the funeral of John Marshall, chief justice of the United States, the bell was damaged.

What date was it when the Liberty Bell cracked?

The original crack was in 1835, the second time it cracked was in 1846, making the bell unringable.

What does the crack in the Liberty Bell mean?

The first time the bell was stricken it cracked. Then it had to be recanted twice during the following year.

When is the Liberty Bell rung?

It isn't since it has a huge crack in it and strike it could be dangerous.

Is the Liberty Bell an artifact?

yes it is, it was made in Pennsylvania were it got it's legendary crack.

When was the Last ringing of the Liberty Bell?

The last time the Liberty Bell Rang was on George Washington's Birthday in 1843. At that point, the crack was so large, that it could not be used again.

Has the Liberty Bell been rung since it broke?

The liberty bell was never broken, but it does have a crack in it. On June 6, 1944, when Allied forces landed in France, the sound of the bell was broadcast to all parts of the country.

At whose funeral did the Liberty Bell crack?

It wasn't a funeral, but the celebration of Washington's Birthday in 1846.