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Q: Why did the Muslim religion lose its dominance in Spain?
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What do you lose when societies lose religion?


What caused Spain to lose the empire in the 1500s?

what caused Spain to lose their empire in the 1500s

When did Muslim women lose status?

Muslim women never lost their high status.

What did Spain lose in the Treaty of Paris 1763?

Spain ceded Florida to Britain

How did Spain lose control of New Spain?

They lost control through a revolution.

Do Muslim women cover their face in Egypt?

Very small minority of Muslim women in Egypt cover their faces. It is to emphasized that covering face and hands by Muslim women is either required not forbidden per religion. The only religion requirement is:to wear lose clothing, of any material and any color, that is not figuring the body and disclosing what underneath, andto wear 'hijab' that covers head, hair, and neck; but not covering face and hands.

When did Spain lose the Philippines to America?


Why did Spain lose control of its colonies in Florida?

spain lost florida when they traded it for cuba

Why did Spain lose it power?

They fell info debt .

Did Spain gain or lose land?

It depends on the war.

Good luck to Spain for the world cup final?

Spain is bound to lose the World Cup Finals

What caused Spain to lose their empire in the 1500s?

Spain wasn't losing their empire in the 16th century, they were building it.

In what year did Spain lose their last 3 colonies?


Why did Spain lose the armada?

Bad leadersBad weather

What did Queen Isabella you of Spain fear?

that she would lose the war

How did Spain lose control over Texas?

i like chicken

What did Spain lose at the end of the French and Indian war?


Why did the Spain lose interest in Texas?

Because there was no more gold

Why there is rigidity in religion?

Because religion is based on dogma If you keep on changing the rules then the religion wil lose its character and cease to be what it intended to be.

Did the Muslim empire lose land?

Yea after many years and caliphs the empire started to lose its land and got conquered by others.

What did Spain lose at the end of the Spanish American war?

Its overseas colonies.

What did the Spain lose in the spanish American war?

its colonies from the pacific and caribbean

Why did Spain lose interest in Texas?

They lost interest in texas because the natives had depleted the spain people and spain did not want to risk anymore people so they left........

How did the romans lose there empire?

Constant attacks from the "barbarians" Corruption Religion

Are Muslim men permitted to marry non-Muslim women?

Muslims are allowed to marry Christian and Jew women too because they have a book of revelation just like Muslims.Islam respects previous revelations such as the Torah and the Bible and previous ones. As such, a Muslim husband will allow a his Christian or Jew to practice her religion freely without any problem. Yes we prefer that she convert to Islam, better for her as she will become a believer as should be according to the old scripture, but she will not be obliged to do so. Children will of course follow their father in his religion and eventually become Muslims. In fact all children, regardless of their parents faith, they are all born Muslims "by Fitra" meaning born on the oath taken from them before the creation of this universe by Allah the almighty.NOW! if a Muslim woman is married to a non-Muslim, then she will not be allowed to practice her religion freely since Christians and Jews and other faiths hate Islam and do not acknowledge prophet Mohamme pace be upon him as messenger of God. A man is always stroner than the women and affects her man than she does to him.Also, the children will diffenately follow or made to follow their father's religion and in this case we lose them to hell which are ordered to save people from it.i am a Muslim girl an di know y its cuz a man can force a woman in to doing anything abd did you know a Muslim man can marry a non musllim woman.ANSWER 2:Muslim men may marry non-Muslim women but Muslim women may NOT marry non-Muslim men.ANSWER 1:no because the women must be Muslim to