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Why did the Nazis make no attempt to invade Spain Portugal Sweden and Switzerland?

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The Spanish government was a fellow Fascist regime which had

come to power thanks to German aid during the Spanish Civil War of

the 1930s. Franco decided not to come into the war on Germany's

side but remained a friendly neutral. Portugal was of no strategic

importance and besides, Spain lay between it and German controlled

territory. The Swedes were nordics against whom Hitler had no

racial emnity, control of their territory was not strategicaly

important (unlike Norway) and, as a neutral, they provided a buffer

between German and Soviet forces in Scandinavia. The Swiss were

also a Germanic people whose neutrality made it difficult for an

allied thrust up the Italian peninsula to reach Germany, beside

which they could be expected to fight very hard and their

mojntainous territory would be difficult indeed to attack. Michael



They didn't make any attempts to invade Sweden, but they had

planned to do so.

The reason why they didn't attack is simple, they needed their

troops elsewhere.

Spain had just gone through a bloody Civil War that lasted three

years. The Spanish army was combat experienced, Spain was a

military state still, and Franco had re-enforced the Spanish French

border. The Pyrenees mountains also acted as a natural defense.

Franco also supplied Hitler with Iron and Steel and to some extent

troops. Mainly some 40,000 volunteers know as the Spanish Blue

Division, who fought on the Eastern front up until 1942.

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