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The Spanish government was a fellow Fascist regime which had come to power thanks to German aid during the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. Franco decided not to come into the war on Germany's side but remained a friendly neutral. Portugal was of no strategic importance and besides, Spain lay between it and German controlled territory. The Swedes were nordics against whom Hitler had no racial emnity, control of their territory was not strategicaly important (unlike Norway) and, as a neutral, they provided a buffer between German and Soviet forces in Scandinavia. The Swiss were also a Germanic people whose neutrality made it difficult for an allied thrust up the Italian peninsula to reach Germany, beside which they could be expected to fight very hard and their mojntainous territory would be difficult indeed to attack. Michael Montagne


They didn't make any attempts to invade Sweden, but they had planned to do so.

The reason why they didn't attack is simple, they needed their troops elsewhere.

Spain had just gone through a bloody Civil War that lasted three years. The Spanish army was combat experienced, Spain was a military state still, and Franco had re-enforced the Spanish French border. The Pyrenees mountains also acted as a natural defense. Franco also supplied Hitler with Iron and Steel and to some extent troops. Mainly some 40,000 volunteers know as the Spanish Blue Division, who fought on the Eastern front up until 1942.

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Q: Why did the Nazis make no attempt to invade Spain Portugal Sweden and Switzerland?
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Who didn't Hitler invade?

Sweden & Switzerland, Spain & Portugal. Britain.

What country did Germany invade in world 2?

Poland first, then every other European country except for UK, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and Portugal.

What countries didn't Hitler invade?

The only countries Hitler didn't invade in Europe was Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, and Turkey. He didn't invade these countries because either he made a treaty with them or the country had no economic or territorial interests.

What countries in Europe did Germany invade?

All except Spain, Portugal, and Sweden.

Why was Switzerland and Sweden left alone by Hitler?

Because, they promised that they would get in hitlers way and that hitler knew if sweden and switzerland could other a little sheild for germany when they are advancing to other countries to invade. Switzerland and Sweden did promise that they would lend germany some resources if germany didnt invade the 2 countries.

What year did Nazis invade Switzerland?

Switzerland was a neutral country and Germany did not invade it.

Why did Hitler not invade neutral countries?

he didn't invade the neutral country Switzerland because that is where banks were and Nazi money. He didn't invade Sweden because they were supling the Nazi's with iron ore. And he didn't invade Spain because they were also fasist.

How many countries did Germany invade?

All countries in europe apart from england, ireland, spain, portugal, sweden, Finland

What did the Germans not invade?

they did not invade sweden

When did the Romans invade Switzerland?

Rhaetia (Switzerland) was conquered in 15 BC

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When did the the Romans invade Portugal?

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Why didn't Germany invade Switzerland?

armed populace

Where did the vikings invade from?

Norway, Sweden, Denmark.

Did Hitler invade Portugal in 1939?

No. Portugal was never invaded during WWII. It was Poland which was invaded.

Why did Hittler choose not to invade Sweden?

there was sales on jews

Why didn't Hitler invade Portugal?

Because Spain was an ally of Germany and is the only direct neighbour to portugal.

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Why didn't Germany invade Sweden and Switzerland in World War 2?

first answer:Because the Germans new that they couldn't defeat Switzerland because Switzerland has a very good army like Sweden. (No offense to any country or person or thing or continent.)correct answer:Both Switzerland & Sweden were neutral, but more importantly they were pro-German and assisted Germany in various ways before & during the war. Sweden was the primary source of high-grade iron ore to Germany. It was used to make steel. This was essential to the German war effort. Sweden extracted the iron ore from its mines in northern Sweden, sold the ore to Germany and then delivered the iron ore to Germany with Swedish merchant ships. As long as Sweden delivered this material to Germany, then Sweden was relatively safe from German invasion. It is likely that Hitler would have seized Sweden after winning the war. Sweden had a moderate military defense capability, but would have been easily defeated by Germany. Sweden had been sheltering some European Jews, and Hitler would then have a way to exterminate them also.Switzerland provided financial & diplomatic resources to Germany, and by June 1940 was totally surrounded by the Axis. Switzerland was not a threat to Germany, and did not withhold any assistance until late in the war. A German invasion would not have gained anything for Germany at the time. Switzerland did not possess natural resources that Germany needed. Like Sweden, Switzerland would most likely been "cleaned-up" by Hitler after the war, despite Switzerland's military capabilities.

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Who were the men in command for the invasion of Switzerland in World War 2?

Answer Switzerland was a neutral country. No one invaded it nor had plans to invade it.

Did the Nazi invade Sweden?

No, Nazi Germany never invaded Sweden. See related link for more detail.