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Why did the Romans kick the Jews out of palestine?


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In about 77 C.E., the Jewish people revolted against Roman rule in "Palestine" (the Roman name for the land of Israel, named for the traditional enemies of the Jews the Philistines, as an insult to the Jews). They lost. As punishment for revolting and losing, Rome deported the Jews, many as slaves, spreading them through the Roman Empire and beyond.


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After the Romans banished the Jews from Jerusalem, the Romans renamed the city Palestine.

When Palestine was created is was already colonized. In the year 73 BCE, the Romans conquered the Jewish land, Judea. The Romans renamed Judea, Palestine. So when Palestine was created there was already millions of Jews living there.

Judah became known as Palestine when the Jews tried to revolt against the Romans for a second time. They forbaded the Jews to visit Jerusalem and they renamed Judah to Palestine.

The Romans wanted to wipe out remnant of the Jews in ancient Palestine, so they named it Palestine after the Philistine nation that lived across the Jordan.

The Jews rebelled against Roman rule in Palestine.

To a large extent the Jews were driven out of Palestine in AD 70 after their failed rebellion against the Romans.

The Jews were kicked out of Israel by the Romans in the year 70 CE. The Romans later renamed it "Palestine". However, contrary to what many people believe, not all Jews were forced out which means that there has been an uninterrupted Jewish presence in Israel for over 3000 years.

Palestine was created 2,000 years ago by the Romans. When the Romans conquered the Jewish land, Judea, they wanted to make the Jews mad so they re-named the land Palestine. So Palestine was colonized right when it was created because it was already a country.

"Palestine" is the name the Romans gave to Israel after they expelled the Jews in 70 CE. Israel was and still is the Jewish homeland.The Romans chose the name "Palestine" after an enemy of the Jewish people, called the Philistines.

Israel was the Ancient homeland of the Hebrews for already more than 2000 years by the time the Romans invaded. It was not called Palestine until the Romans expelled the people and renamed it in the year 70.The Romans called it Palestine after an ancient Enemy of the Jews: the Philistines.

The Jews were driven out of Israel many centuries ago by the Romans and since then, Jews have wanted their homeland in Palestine back.

They called Judea "Palestine" to mock the Jews. It was the latin word for the Philistines

In the Year 70, The Romans renamed it Palestine, after an enemy of the Jews (the Phillistines).

There was never a Hebrew kingdom in "Palestine". The united kingdom of the Hebrews was the land of Israel. (It was later renamed "Palestine" by the Romans after they expelled the Jews from the land and took control.

The Exile of Jews from palestine is known as the Diaspora

After a series of revolts, the Romans expelled them from Jerusalem.

The Roman Empire ruled Palestine, but the Romans allowed the Jewish priests to take care of the relgous matters of the Jews.

They were expelled from the land of Israel in 70 CE. The Romans then renamed their land "Palestine" after the Phillistines (Israel's enemy).Answer:The Romans did not force the Jews out of Judea in a single expulsion. Rather, the Romans expelled them from Jerusalem only; and the rest of Judea lost most of its Jews slowly, over a period of centuries, as conditions in Judea became too harsh. Even then, we have records of Jewish communities who lived in Judea (Palestine) pretty continuously.

Because Palestine keeps attacking the Jews.

The main exile of Jews from Palestine came in 70 CE. However, there was always a minority of Jews in Palestine until 1950 when they became the majority.

The Byzantine Romans left Palestine in 636 when the Arabs conquered the area.

A long list. Prominent among them are the Romans, the Arabs and the British.

Nope. Many Jews live in Israel (what used to be called Palestine).

It's their historical homeland, from which they were forcibly ejected by the Romans. Additionally, Jews were tired of dealing with Anti-Semitism in nearly every nation where they lived.

Hebrews established Israel and lived there from the year 2000 BCE to 70 CE. After they were expelled from the land, the Romans renamed it "Palestine" in honor of the enemies of the Jews (called Phillistines).

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