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Why did the Tollund Man die?

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The consensus is that Tollund Man died by hanging, after ingesting an hallucinogen, as a sacrifice.

One proposal is that this was a sacrifice to Nerthus, goddess of fertility in Denmark.

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Why did tollund man die?

As a sacrifice.

Where did Tollund Man live?

Tollund Man lived in Tollund, Denmark

How did the tollund man die?

i think thetollund man was strangled or hung

Why was he called the tollund man?

Why was he called the tollund man?

What was found on the tollund man?

what was found on the tollund man?

What country did the tollund man live in?

How did the tollund man live?

When did the Tollund man die?

The Tollund Man died approximately 2000 years ago, and his body was discovered by two men, who were brothers, who were digging peat.

Why was the tollund man called tollund man?

i think its because he was found in a small village called tollund

How did the Elling woman die?

She was hanged as a sacrifice, the same as the tollund man

Where was tollund man found?

The Tollund Man was found in a peat bog on the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark.

Who discovered the tollund man?

The Tollund Man was discovered by two brothers, Viggo and Emil Hojgaard.

What happened to the Tollund man?

The Tollund Man was thought to be sacrificed due to the fact that he had a noose around his neck.

How old is tollund man?

It is agreed that he was 40 years old Link;

How old is the tollund man?

go to the site of the tollund man u will get all the information u want

How do they know the tollund man was a man?

Because he has a dick.

Did the tollund man have a job?


Was the Tollund man a slave?

yes he was

What injuries did tollund man have?

The Tollund man was actually naked but indeed he wore some things like a leather cap

How old was The Tollund Man when he died?

He was 40

How did tollund man live?

toullund man live verry well

When was the tollund man born?

4th Century AD.

Where was the tollund man found?

in a peat bog in Denmark

What does the word Tollund man mean in Irish?


How long was the tollund man alive for?

in the iron age

Who was the tollund man sacrificed to?

He was sacrificed to the goddess of spring.

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