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Prior to the outbreak of World War II, the United States and Japan came into conflict primarily due to one cause: Japan's aggressive expansionist policy. With both economic stability and imperial glory in mind, Japan sought to expand its power at the expense of nations around it. The United States sought to limit this expansion or stop it entirely.

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When did japan gain control of Korea prior to ww2?

the Russo-Japanese War

Did Japan gain or lose land as a result to WW2?

As a result of WW2, Japan lost everything they had gained prior to the US entering the war and were back to the original Japanese islands.

What thing did the U.S trad with japan?

Trade prior to WW2: oil & steel (to Japan) were important, however there were many other goods that were traded to Japan.

Why were ordinary Japanese not allowed to look at their rulers?

Prior to the end of WW2 the rulers of Japan were considered GODS

What two countries dominated Korea prior to 1945?

prior to 1945, Korea was controlled by Chaebol (a family group of businesses) and later control went Japan until 1945 when Japan was defeated during WW2

Who was the leader of Japan in WW2?

Emperor Hirohito was the 'king' of Japan in WW2.

Vietnam declared independence in 1940 hahahahaha?

Japan surrendered to the allies ending WW2 in 1945; Japan departed Vietnam the same year. Vietnam declared its independence from France in 1945. Vietnam was occupied by Japan during WW2, but it had been a French colony for more than a century prior.

What the Axis powers of World War 2?

The Axis powers of WW2 and prior to that war were Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan.

What were the goals of the militarists in Japan?

japan in ww2

How come US and Japan were on the same side in World War 1 but not in World War 2?

because in ww2 Japan joined the axis

Why did World War 2 start in Asia before 1939?

I don't think it did..... unless you accept that Japan in Manchuria was part of WW2. Surely Japan enters WW2 as a result of Pearl Harbor. Although Japan was militarily threatening prior to 1941 its impact on the war elsewhere was not noticable, unless I have missed something......

When did the long march started?

in Britain in ww2 japan in ww2 us in ww2 answer done

When did japan have to rebuild?

after ww2

Who involve in WW2?

A good seventy countries were involved in WW2, although a lot of these countries didn't come in until the middle of or towards the end of WW2. But France, Britain, Russia, Japan, Poland, Italy, and of course, Germany were involved in WW2 from the beginning to the end.

Is Japan friends with the US?

Japan and USA were NOT friends in ww2.

What is the bombing in Japan?

It was the measure to make Japan surrender in ww2.

Who used kamikazes?

Japan in WW2

What countries fought against the US in wii?

Both Germany and Japan fought against the US in WW2.Both Germany and Japan fought against the US in WW2.

When did Japan declared war to to Germany?

Japan was allied to Germany in WW2.

Was Japan a close ally to the US?

No, in WW2 Japan was an enemy of the US.

Were there Americans in Japan when the bomb was dropped?

No. I don't know if the US had Embassy personnel in Japan in WW2, but there were few if any US citizens in Japan in 1945 before the end of WW2.

Which conflict began when Germany invaded Poland?


Who is better Japan or us?

japan they got better tatics but usa defeated japan in ww2

Why did japan surrender in WW2?

atomic bomb

Who did the US fight in WW2?

The US fought Japan, Germany, and Italy.In WW2, the US fought the "Axis Powers", consisting of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

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