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From the very beginning of the US Civil War, the Union held important advantages over the South. This was seen in the number of soldiers the North could place on the battle field, it's safe harbors for building warships, its manufacturing superiority, and the fact that when the war began, the South had to create a government. The better question is why did it take the Union four years to end the US Civil War.The South's advantages, such as not needing to overthrow the US government, but cause the North to tire of the war, fighting on its own territory, and being able to field strong armies even after major defeats certainly were Southern advantages. With that said, these advantages paled against the North's ability to continually raise large armies and successfully invade Southern territory.

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What was the major controversy in us politics in the ten years prior to the civil war?

The North and South debate over slavery.

What was the time frame of the civil war?

The Civil War in the United States lasted about four years. The fighting started in 1861 and ended in 1865 with the South surrendering to the North.

Which describes a significant difference between the North and the South in the years leading up to the US Civil War?

The leading differences between the North and the South leading towards the US Civil War was their respective economies. The North was rapidly expanding manufacturing while the South was primarily an agricultural economy. Also, the Southern economy was driven by slaves. For the most part the North had few slaves at all.

How did the social classes in the north and south differ Why?

There were indeed stark social differences between the North and the South in the years leading up to the American Civil War. The South was an agrarian society that largely relied on slave labor and a plantation system to drive its economy. ... Unlike the South, the North had a larger urban...

How did the civil war and reconstuction affect the north and the south in the years that followed?

it was the first time America was split apart into the federate and the soviet unions

What was the population of the North and South in the Civil War years of 1861 1865?

32 and 2 % african americans, and 49 and 17 % white americans.

Why were the confederates fighting in the Civil War?

The Confederates were fighting in the Civil war to be free from the Union and be their own country. the most important reason they were fighting in the Civil War is because the North and South had many Dissagreements over the years.

Which best describes how slaves were regarded in the South in the pre-Civil War years?

describes how slaves were regarded in the South in the pre-Civil War years?

Why were people in the north against slavery?

The people in the north were not any more against slavery than the south because the north used slaves for industrial production. The state of deleware even had slaves for years after the civil war.

Why did the north and south come to such different views of slavery in the years prior to the civil war?

The south's whole economy was based on slavework, while the north didn't need slaves for they relied on industry.

What region was hardest hit during the civil war the north or south?

The South. Nearly all the battles were in the South. And after Grant authorised total war, there was deliberate destruction of farms and railroads, that took many years to recover from.

Did north consider surrender to south in civil war?

nobosy knows for sure if they did just like no one knows why the south won most of the battles during the first two years of the war.

Who was winning the civil war for the first 2 years?

the south

How name US war between the North in the South?

In the 1860's a war broke out betwwen the confederates(south), and the union(north) about slavery. the war lasted 4 years and the north won. the war was called the civil war. john wilkes booth later shot president lincoln (wilkes was for the south while lincoln was for the north.) because he did not like the turn out of the war.

Why did America lost the Vietnam War?

America did not lose the Vietnam police action. In 1975 the South Vietnamese lost their civil war with North Vietnam two years after the American withdrawal. The North violated their Peace Treaty an invaded South Vietnam and were able to defeat the South Vietnamese militarily.

What might of happened had the civil war not occurred?

the south would hate the north for several years because the north stopped slavery. until tractors,etc,came around. And during the time they would not vote or vote opposite of the north.

What happened after the US Civil War began?

The South and the North fought for four years. It was the bloodiest war in American history. the North was led by several well known generals, with US Grant the most famous of them. The South was led by Robert e. Lee. the North eventually won and slavery was abolished.

WhAT LOCATIONs did US squadrons establish a regular presence In the years before the US Civil War?

the mediterranean, off Africa and South America, in the Pacific, and in the North Sea

One of the ways in which north and south differed in the decades before the civil war?

One way the south and North differed in the years before the war was the lifestyle itself. North was more industrialized, they used immigrants as the main way of getting money. The south was more laid back aguaculture. They preferred the Good Ol' Slave over the immigrant.

How long can a civil judgment be collected in North Carolina?

Ten Years.

What years did the Civil War happen?

The American Civil War occurred on April 12, 1861 and it was a quarrel between the north and the south (Yankees and Confederates). On April 9, 1865 Lee surrendered to Grant and the war ended. The civil war happened from 1862-1865.

Which best describes the economy of the South in the years leading up to the Civil War?

The economy of the South prior to the civil war was one of prosperity based on agriculture.

What conflicts developed between the northern and southern states in the years following the American Revolution and led to the civil war?

Because of economic differences between the north and south. They were unable to resolve their conflicts and the south seceded from the U.S.A.

What were some of the strengths of the South in the US Civil War?

The Confederate States of America, commonly referred to as the South in the US Civil War, was a large part of the geography of the US. The huge size of the South, was perhaps its most valuable natural strength. And, the ability of the South to raise armies that were a great challenge to Union armies helped the South remain in rebellion until April of 1865. It took the North nearly four years of battle to end the US Civil War.

Who is the dictator today in north and south Vietnam?

There is NO North Vietnam & South Vietnam today (and there hasn't been a north & south for over 30 years; when the north conquered the south, ending the war in 1975). Today's Communist Vietnam is President Triet.

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