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Why did the US attack Canada instead of England in the war 1812?


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Canada is geographically much closer to the US than Britain is, and therefore Canada would be easier for the US to attack. Likewise, because of the distance, it would be more difficult for Britain to defend Canada. The Atlantic Ocean is a large body of water, and the War of 1812 occurred well before the steam engine. Crossing the Atlantic was a major undertaking that often took months. American troops could march to Canada in a matter of a few weeks.

Britain was already fighting a major war in Europe against Napoleon and France. The US knew that Britain could spare very few troops to defend Canada.

One of the objectives of the US in starting the war of 1812 was to acquire Upper Canada and Lower Canada and annex them into the US. There was no interest in crossing the Atlantic to attack Britain, and there was little to be gained by doing so.

Also, it was common knowledge that a large number of Americans had settled in the southwest peninsula of Upper Canada (the area between Georgian Bay and Lake Erie). The US assumed that at the very least those settlers would not resist, and would probably support the invasion.

The US assumed that Upper Canada would fall in a few weeks, and then Lower Canada would follow suit. The US assumed that Lower Canada, a French colony that had been conquered by Britain only 50 years beforehand, would welcome being 'liberated' by the US.

What the US did not know was that Upper Canada was more prepared and better organized than the US, and was ready to defend itself.

Caanada won the war and burned the White House.


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France and England. If you call the colonization of Canada by the French as an invasion, then France. England in the French and Indian War and in the War of 1812.

not Canada in general, but when the british had control, yes, this being the War of 1812. The attacks were unsuccessful.

The War of 1812 was fought because England was fighting with our vessels at sea and England was arming the Indian Tribes in the west and in Florida and encouraging them to attack settlements. The War Hawks opposing England's arming of the Indians joined with the shippers of the East and declared war on England. At the same time, the United States wanted to conquer Canada. England was busy in Europe fighting Napoleon. When the British Army was otherwise occupied seemed like a good time to try to conquer Canada.

In 1812, both Upper Canada and Lower Canada were British Colonies.

America attempted to attack Canada. so Canada and Britain attacked America. Britain sailed a fleet up to Washington dc and burnt it to the ground. the American attack on Canada failed miserabbly

The invasion of Canada in 1812 consisted of many little battles.

No, the U.S. did not conquer Canada in the War of 1812.

After the revolutionary war, many Loyalists moved into Canada or had forts in Canada, but the USA. has been allies with England ever since the end of the War of 1812, and Canada was not a country during this time. So, in my perspective, England is politically more in ties with the USA. rather than Canada.

Canada Didn't join the American Revolution because they were controlled by the British at that time and we actually attacked Canada in the war of 1812 when we were again at war with England.

The War of 1812 has significant importance in the country of Canada. In 1812, the United States attempted to invade Canada. Had this invasion been successful, Canada would not be the country that we know today.

Canada was providing the Indians on the frontier with guns and ammunition. Wars had broken out between America and the Indians. America decided to stop Canada from providing guns and ammunition to the Indians. (Of course, America was not totally innocent. America had been providing supplies for Napoleon in his war against Spain and England. It did not matter if Jean Lafitte, the pirate, was actually providing the boats to carry the guns and ammunition to Napoleon.) The war of 1812 was part of the Napoleonic Wars. The United States was fighting on the side of Napoleon or at least was trying to take advantage of the situation while England was tied up with Napoleon. England was trying to keep the United States tied up with the Indians instead of assisting Napoleon.

News of an American Attack would be important, could be very very important.

The US wished to incorporate Canada into the United States and, knowing Britain would be engaged in fighting Napoleon in Europe, they assumed it would be relatively easy.

We fought on two fronts in 1812 England v America England v France won one.......lost one.....

England but came to Canada in 1845

The Invasion of Canada was created in 1812.

The last battle of the War of 1812 was not in Canada. It was at Fort Bowyer in Baldwin County, Alabama.

Yes, by the British from Canada in 1812. Also, in 1916, the guerrilla general Pancho Villa attacked the US from Mexico, and the US was attacked by Japanese balloon bombs during World War 2, but the War of 1812 was the largest military attack on the US mainland.

Canada. Canada was the british stronghold in 1812. Are you dong the Prentice Hall map as well?

The President sent diplomats to England to work out a peaceful solution. When this effort appeared to fail, Madison asked Congress to declare war on England for their unlawful attack and seizure of United States ships and sailors. This war is known as the War of 1812.

british were the weakest there

During the War of 1812, US forces invaded Upper Canada and burned most of the people's homes, as well as the parliament building. In retaliation, the White House was burned.

Upper Canada Guardian ended in 1812.

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