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America had tried to stay neutral while the war in Europe was getting worse. America turned their face the other way, while hundreds and thousands Jews were being killed and sent to concentration camps. America tried to stay neutral, yet in the face of impending war we slowly become more involved.

The USA entering the war had nothing to do with Germany. Germany did not declare war on the United States. Japan did by sending their bombers to the Philippines in the hopes of destroying all the warships and planes that were kept there. They almost succeeded but they did not realize it and turned back when our bombers took off and went after the Japanese airplanes that were in the air. Roosevelt believed it was a European conflict at first and he wasn't ready economically and soldiers were recovering from WW1. But when Tojo attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Roosevelt decided to join the Allies. And they attacked two main cities in Japan; Hiroshima and Nagasaki. however Hitler convinced the Japanese to attack the U.S. Navy.

On December 7th, 1941, axis nation Japan hit Pearl Harbor in a surprise bombing raid. A day later President Roosevelt declared war on Japan. On December 11th, 1941, axis nations Germany and Italy declared war on the US. America became an allied nation along with England and Soviet Russia. The short or concise answer is: to stop the bad guys from taking over the world.

To understand a longer version, lots of time in reading books (more is better) and viewing documentaries is in order. Since watching films/video is fairly easy, search for the "World at War" series, made in the 1970s. The "Why we Fight" series is another starting point.

As to books, start with general photo histories, again, it's easier to look at pictures. Be aware that most all of these sources contain some sort of errors. Two examples: many American accounts, of artillery fire by the Germans, mention being from "88s" (a 88mm gun used primarily on aircraft & tank targets) and many of the tanks faced were "Tigers." In reality the main German artillery piece was a 105mm gun. Only about 1,350 "Tiger I" tanks were produced (versus about 49,000 Sherman tanks the USA produced) from 1942 to August of 1944, with most going to the fighting in Russia. In other words, the "Tiger" tank was very rarely seen on the battlefield.

If, finding that, after seeing several films and looking at lots of photos aren't that boring, then is the time to go to a large library and ask for books by scholarly authors such as Martin Gilbert.

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well America got into the war by the pearl harbor attack by the japanese. then the D-Day landings. and then the atomic bombs that ended the war. Yamato the battle of the leyte gulf.

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour - a port in the United States of America - on the 7th December 1941. USA declared war on 8th December 1941.
The forces fo the Empire of Japan deliberately and without declaring war on the United States, sneak-attacked the US territory of Hawaii with carrier-based warplanes and a number of submarines. The US public was outraged and enraged - there was no choice but for Congress to declare war on Japan.
The United States entered the war because Japan attacked Pearl HArbor and destroyed much of the American fleet.

Although pacifism and isolationism were strong within the US, President Roosevelt could hardly remain neutral with most of Europe and Asia being conquered. The direct attack on Pearl Harbor, a US naval base, finally swayed public and congressional opinions.

Hawaii, at that time an American territory, was attacked without warning by the Japanese Empire on December 7, 1941. In response, the US declared war on Japan. The other Axis (Tripartite) nations of Germany and Italy then declared war on the US.

The US forged a world alliance of 26 nations to defeat the aggressions of the Axis (Tripartite) Nations. It was known as the Atlantic Charter. Some of these nations were already at war with Axis countries. After the war, this alliance formed the basis for the United Nations.

The US became involved after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour in Hawaii.
The U.S became involved when on December 7, 1941 the Empire of japan attack Pearl harbor (the home base of the Pacific fleet) They also had no choice either. If FDR (Franklin D Rossivelt) didnt ask congress for the US to join the war then Japan would then realize the US would have been an easy target for bombing runs, house raids, etc... so that's also why we joined the Allies in the war against the Axis
The attack at pearl harbor. Allies (including US) became involved in World War II either because they had already been invaded or were directly threatened with invasion by the Axis or because they were concerned that the Axis powers would come to control the world.
Well, it would help is you asked which war.
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Q: Why did the US become involved in World War 2?
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