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Why did the US help South Korea?

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Us fought under what flag in Korea?

The US fought for South Korea. they were just to help South Korea because North Korea is invading them.

How did the US help Korea?

It helped fight with South Korea against North Korea

Who did the US help in the Korean War?

The Republic of Korea (aka South Korea).

Why did the US try to help South Korea?

Because North Korea was communist.

Why did the US help South Korea to start with?


Did the us help Korea during the Korean war?

yes it helped to south korea.

Who help South Korea?

south Korea help itself.

How did the US get invloved in Korea?

When North Korea asked for help from China, South Korea asked for the US's help, so they broke down the bridge between China and North Korea and sent reinforcements to South Korea

How did the US help the Korean war?

prevented north Korea from taking over south Korea

Who was the US trying to help during the Korean war?

South Korea, as north Korea is a communist state.

What is the current as of (2009) relationship of US and south Korea?

The United States and South Korea maintain a very strong relationship. The US maintains roughly 30,000 soldiers in South Korea to help defend the country from continuous North Korean aggression. Conversely, South Korea has consistently aided the US in it numerous wars throughout the world. In terms of economics, the US and South Korea have high levels of trade.

Is the us allies with north or south Korea?

South Korea

Did the US declair war on Korea?

Korea is not a country.You mean either "North Korea" or "South Korea".The US did not declare war on North Korea or South Korea. Rather, North Korea declared war on South Korea, starting the Korea War.North Korea was backed by China and Russia, while South Korea was backed by the US (and UN).South Korea has always been an US ally, and have been supporting the US in all their wars since the Korean War.

Who is the Ambassador to the US for South Korea?

Ahn Ho-Young is the Ambassador to the US for South Korea.

Who did the US support in Korea?

South Korea

Who did the US support in the Korean War?

Why?South Korea

Does South Korea like the US?

Yes. The US protects South Korea militarily. This is very important for them.

Is South Korea hostile to US?

No. South Korea is probably the strongest US ally in all of East and Southeast Asia. US Americans should feel very welcome in South Korea.

What side of Korea is Allies with the US?

South Korea

Did south Korea have a relationship with us during world war 2?

Yes , Canada and United States helped South Korea during the Korean War, so South Korea wanted to help and pay back all there efforts.

Who wins the Korean war?

The Korean war was actually a draw. Basically the war went like this: North Korea (communist) invaded South Korea (democratic) and almost won so the US came in to help South Korea Then the US and South Korea then almost won the war so China interceeded on behalf of North Korea and drove the US and South Korea back to the 38th parellel. There the war stalled out for awhile and eventually a peace treaty was signed between the US and China, not by either Korea. Technically North and South Korea are still at war, it just isn't a shooting war.

US response to the Korean War reflect the goals of the Truman Doctrine?

It was to help South Korea and try to contain communism in North Korea

Why did US help North Korea?

The US did not help North Korea. The US was part of the UN multinational force that went to war with North Korea.

Did South Korea ever help America?

Outside of being an infallible ally (although the media may make it look like Korea is anti-US), South Korea assisted during the Vietnam war not just with soldiers but as a supply source.South Korea has assisted the US in every war since then. The effort may have looked minor, but at least diplomatically it meant that Korea backed the US decisions.

Is South Korea an ally of the US?

Yes, South Korea is an ally of the United States!

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