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Why did the US invade Vietnam?


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I don't believe the US did invade Vietnam.

The US was an invited participant and adviser in an ongoing conflict between North Vietnam and South Vietnam.


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The US never invaded Vietnam.

The US didn't invade South Vietnam. The Republic of South Vietnam asked for US help as they couldn't stem the Red Tide (communist infiltration).

To stop the spread of communism.

The Japanese invade Indochina, also known as Vietnam, in 1940.

If we invade North Vietnam, the chances would have been, China & stupid Soviets enter the war and start a WWIII.

The US chose NOT to deploy nuclear weapons. (The US did deploy nuclear weapons against Japan in WWII). The US chose NOT to invade North Vietnam. (The US did invade North Korea during the Korean War).

When the US declared to invade Cambodia during the Vietnam War. They were afraid that the US was going to jump into another war, the way they did during Vietnam.

The answer is In 1961.

Could not invade N. Vietnam. Could not use nukes.

1. Couldn't invade North Vietnam 2. Couldn't use nukes 3. Couldn't stop flow men/material into South Vietnam

how come the united states did not invade north vietnam to end the war

To stop communism from spreading to South Vietnam

To take it over (to conquer it).

1. US could NOT use nukes 2. US could NOT invade North Vietnam 3. US could NOT stop the flow of men/material into RVN

Use the A-Bomb and invade North Vietnam.

Most definitely. Simply had to invade North Vietnam. If the Soviets or Red China intervened; use nuclear weapons against them. Which is why North Vietnam wasn't invaded.

Nixon ran on that ticket "getting out've Vietnam". He got elected, he got us out. There was no particular "cause" to leave was accepted that it was an un-winnable war...unless the US went nuclear or invaded North Vietnam. If the US wasn't going to use nukes or invade...then leave. The US left.

Because we had learned our lesson in the Korean War 1950-1953. We INVADED North Korea and Red China entered the war against us. If we invaded North Vietnam, Communist China may have entered the Vietnam War.

1. Could not invade North Vietnam. 2. Could not use nukes. 3. Could not isolate enemy men/material from moving south (into RVN).

They were soldiers figthing the North Viet Namese army who were trying to invade South Viet Nam.

1. Proved that the Reds could be stopped; thus enforcing the concept of fighting them again, this time in Vietnam. 2. Taught the US not to invade North Vietnam; as Red China entered the Korean War after the US/Allies invaded North Korea.

NORTH Vietnam "invaded" South Vietnam (successfully by 1975). South VN never invaded North VN.

Couldn't stop the flow of men and material without widening the war; couldn't invade North Vietnam without risking the Soviets/Red Chinese entering the war.

1. Couldn't isolate it. 2. Couldn't invade it (North Vietnam). 3. Couldn't nuke it (North Vietnam).

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