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Why did the US lose in Vietnam?

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Although the U.S. committed enormous resources to the war, there was a lack of will to do the things the have to be done to win a war: go on the offensive, advance into enemy territory, seized the military initiative, and so forth. In Korea, the U.S. advanced well north of the 38th parallel at one point, although it was later forced back. The communists worried the U.S. might do this again, so they had an initiative to keep the truce.

In Vietnam, various peace treaties got signed, but the communists weren't motivated to follow any of them because they weren't worried about the U.S. advancing into Laos or north of the 17th parallel. This is because President Johnson followed a defensive strategy called "containment", partly because he worried that a decisive victory would swing American politics to the right, leading to the rise of a Douglas MacArthur-like military hero.

As the war dragged on without result, it gradually lost public support. Democrats in Congress wanted a U.S. defeat to humiliate President Nixon. These two factors resulted in the passage of the Case-Church Amendment in 1973, which ended direct U.S. involvement in the war and left South Vietnam to fend for itself. This revived the hopes of China and the Soviets, who then poured resources into North Vietnam. The result was a communist victory two years later.

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What did US in Vietnam in 1950 lose?

The French were fighting in Vietnam in 1950 not the US.

Did us lose Vietnam?


What wars did the us lose in?


What war did US lose?

Vietnam war of course!

What war did the us lose to?

The communists were victorious in Vietnam.

Who was the presidenr when US lose in Vietnam war?

Gerald Ford .

Did the US win or lose the Vietnam War Justify your answer.?

How did the role the American media played in the Vietnam War.

Why was the Vietnam War so long?

Because no US President wanted to be the FIRST US President to lose a war.

Why does the US lose Vietnam?

we didn't lose Vietnam. We simply left when President Nixon went into office. We trained the south Vietnam people to fend for themselves and slowly took troops out, then when the two Vietnam's called a peace treaty for the new year celebration Tet north Vietnam issued several attacks on South Vietnam. So the side we were helping lost but truthfully we did not lose.

Did you lose to the to Vietnam?

North Vietnam won the war.

What did the us do about the Vietnam war?

They intervened in the war. They did not lose, instead, the public was against the conflict so they pulled out. They never surrendered, so they did not lose.

How many men did Vietnam lose in the Vietnam war?


Did the usa lose more men in Vietnam then World War 2?

No. World War 2 had 418,500 US Deaths. Vietnam had 58,217 US Deaths. and 155,359 Wounded/MIA (1,947 are MIA)

Why did Johnson feel pressure to stay in Vietnam?

As he stated, he "...didn't want to be the first US president to lose a war..."

Did you lose the Vietnam war?

The US didn't win it. Or...North Vietnam won the war. Either way is preferable to "losing the war" according to the many hard core historians.

Can anyone Beat the US in war?

yes we did lose the war in Vietnam when we were helping the South Vietnamese Army. If we have permission to engage the enemy in a firefight, then we won't lose at all.

Why did the US and Vietnam go at war?

To stop the spread of communism. If America never went to war with North Vietnam, the worlds borders would look very different today. By the way, the US did not lose the war in Vietnam. South Vietnam lost the war. If those idiots had any patriotism they still would have their own country.

What affect did the Vietnam war have on the world?

Vietnam showed the world that the US would sacrifice it's blood to stop the spread of communism. It also showed the world that it could lose a war.

Why the Americans lost the Vietnam wars?

The Americans didn't lose. They were unfamiliar with the territory of Vietnam and were not properly prepared. The terrains of the jungles were nothing like the landscape in the US. It was just a matter of unfamiliarity.

What US interests are at stake in Vietnam?

US was in an alliance with the French and Britian. they didnt have anything at stake. they just went and fought because they had nothing to lose. :P

Why did the Americans make war with Vietnam?

The Americans did not make war with Vietnam. There was no Vietnam. There were two countries: NORTH Vietnam and SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam attacked SOUTH Vietnam. The US (Americans) defended SOUTH Vietnam. The US never invaded NORTH Vietnam (the US bombed it though). NORTH Vietnam invaded SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam was (and still is) a communist nation. The US was against communism.

How is Vietnam different from the US?

Vietnam is a communist nation; the US is not.

Where did the US invade Vietnam?

The US never invaded Vietnam.

Where were the US troops in the Vietnam war?

Because the Vietnam war was fought between Vietnam and the US

Did Vietnam beat US in the Vietnam war?

The US has never fought with a nation called "Vietnam."