Why did the US use the atomic bomb against japan?

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The atomic bombs were dropped on Japan in order to end the war as quickly and painlessly as possible. Owing to the fact that every other viable option would have resulted in even more bloodshed, the decision to drop the bombs ultimately saved lives.
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How close was Japan to using atomic bombs against the US?

Japan was nowhere near even having the technology or resources to think about it. Answer I've read some about this and the Japanese had made remarkable progress in understa

Why was the atomic bomb used against japan?

To make Japan surrender Japan was not going to surrender and since many lives would be lostin a military push, the US decided to use the bomb to end thefighting as soon as pos

Should the U.S have used atomic bombs against Japan?

Based on the information available to the US Gov't at the time? Yes. Because, to the best of the knowledge of the US Gov't and Military, Japan would never surrender and a full

Was Truman right using the atomic bomb against japan?

Your question asks for an opinion. In my opinion, yes, Truman was right. The Japanese civilian government was being controlled by the Japanese military, who was prepared to co

What was given as a justification to use the atomic bomb against japan?

To bring about the quickest end to the war. But, you have to bearin mind that Japan, as the American and Allies got ever closer tothe main islands, were likely to fight to the