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Why did the US want independence?

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From 1607 until 1763, the British had a hands-off approach towards the colonies - with exception of Georgia, all the colonies were private ventures and not under government supervision. After French-Indian War (Seven Years' War), British was deep in debt and needed to raise money. Since colonists were not really paying their share of taxes, Parliament set out to make the colonists to pay their share. Colonists balked ("no taxation without representation") and the growing tensions between the two led to some in colonies to consider independence. From the colonists' point of view, the taxation and punishment for not paying them violated English laws and convinced some colonists that independence was the best answer.

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Why did Uruguay want Independence?

because who wouldn't want independence.... that's why

What did Filipinos want as a result of assisting the US in the Spanish-American War?

Instant Independence.

When is the us independence day?

US Independence Day is on 4th July.

Who do the Kurds want to get their independence from?

The Kurds want their independence from Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Iraq.

Why Did everyone in Rhode Island want to become part of the US?

Rhode island was to little for an independence and since they were closest to US they decided to integrate

What year did the US issue the Declaration of Independence?

The US declared independence in 1776.

Who does the US have independence from?

On 4th July 1776 the US claimed its independence from England.

What did the 13 states not want after winning their independence?


What did the Irish want in the Irish war of independence?


In what year did the US declare independence?

The US declared independence on July 4, 1776. That is also when it was announced that there is the Declaration of Independence.

What tattoos represent independence?

Whichever ones you want. Tattoos are individual artwork, and mean what you want them to mean. One person might think a US flag could mean independence; another might think a bird flying would mean independence; still another person might design an elaborate picture to represent independence.

What did the south want in civil war?

The Confederacy wanted and believed it could achieve independence from the US. It almost happened.

Does the US have independence?

Yes, the US declared its independence fromEngland onJuly 4th, 1776.

When did the US gain independence from Britain?

The US gained independence from Britain on July 4,1776.

When is independence day in us?

Its 14 JulyIndependence Day in the US is on 4th July.

What day in July is Independence Day in the US?

Independence Day of the US is on 4th July.

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence in us?

george washington wrote the declaration of independence in us

When did US achieve independence?

The US independence was formally acknowledged in 1783 with the Treaty of Paris.

Which country does not celebrate Independence Day?

Independence Day in the US (July 4th) is celebrated only in the US. It was our Independence, so we celebrate it.

What did the Declaration of Independence formally announce?

That the colonist want independence

Did the whigs want independence or the tories?

The Whigs wanted Independence.

What was significant about the Declaration of Independence?

It was written by Thomas Jefferson, in order to tell King George the Third that the patriots want independence and want their own country. The Declaration of Independence officially broke ties with the United Kingdom. The document stated the philosophy behind the revolution and the many grievances the US had with their imperial counterparts.

Why was the US named US?

As we gained our independence from Great Britain we are united and after we got our independence, we had states.

What year did Mexico declare independence from US?

Never. Mexico didn't get its independence from the US, but from Spain.

Who gave the US independence?

No one "gave" the US its independence. The US became independent from Britain through armed rebellion.