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Cause of the strong anti-war movement back in the US; the fact that the war was costing a lot of money and American lives with seemingly no results (at least to the politicians in Washington); and the fact that the Vietnamese showed the resolve to keep fighting until they had all been wiped out (we killed them at about 20:1 for the entire war and they still kept going). Probably a lot of different opinions on this one though.

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Q: Why did the US withdraw its troops from Vietnam?
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What year did the us troops withdraw from Vietnam?

March 1973.

What was Nixon's plan to gradually withdraw US troops from Vietnam?

the answer vietnamization

What plan was intended to withdraw US troops from Vietnam?

Get our POWs back and leave.

What was the name given to the US plan in which American troops would train Vietnamese troops and then the American troops would withdraw from Vietnam?


What president promises to withdraw troops from Vietnam?

President Nixon was the President who promised to withdraw troops from Vietnam. The term Vietnamization was the plan that encouraged South Vietnam to take more responsibility for the war. Nixon hoped to gradually withdraw troops in this manner, and he succeeded and is credited with ending the Vietnam War.

Which president reached an agreement with north vietnam that allowed the US to withdraw its troops?

President Nixon

When did Australian troops withdraw from Vietnam?

australian troops withdrawed in 1972 6 january

Richard Nixon promised to if elected?

a+ Withdraw troops from Vietnam

Who was the president who started to withdraw troops from Vietnam?

Richard Nixon

What did Richard Nixon promise to do if he was elected?

he promised to "withdraw troops from Vietnam"

What did eisenhower decide about Vietnam in 1954?

France agreed to withdraw its troops

Why did the Australians withdraw from the Vietnam War?

The newly elected Gough Whitlam recognized North Vietnam and gave the order to withdraw Australian troops, in the short.

What year did the us withdraw troops from vietnam?

The fall of the South Vietnamese capital, Saigon, was in April 1975. By then The United states had withdrawn almost all of it's troops.

When did the US withdraw from Vietnam?


When did Australia withdraw from the Vietnam war?

the last of the troops were withdrawn in June 1973

Did John Gordon withdraw Australian troops from Vietnam?

If he was their president in '72; then yes.

What policy was designed to put more of the burden for fighting the war on the South Vietnamese troops in order to allow the US to withdraw from Vietnam?


Why US troops at Thailand tdy's in Vietnam 1962?

Why US troops at Thailand tdy's in Vietnam 1962?

In what decade did the US withdraw from Vietnam?


What year did us withdraw from from Vietnam?


In the Paris Peace Accords, what did the United States agree to do?

to withdraw its troops from South Vietnam

Who said you refuse to withdraw troops from West Berlin?

Eisenhower is the one who said, "you refuse to withdraw troops from West Berlin." He said this in reference to Truman who had failed to withdraw US troops from Berlin.

Why should US troops leave Syria?

There are no US troops in Syria, so there is no-one to withdraw.

What was the significance of vietnamization?

The significance of Vietnamization was that it allowed U.S. troops to withdraw without actually losing the Vietnam War by training the Southern Vietnamese to fight the Vietminh and Vietcong instead of the US troops.

Nixon's gradual withdrawal of American troops out of Vietnam took how long?

It took 4 years to fully withdraw U.S. troops.