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Why did the Union want to blockade the South during the Civil War?


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{| |- | It was an effective method of crippling the Southern War efforts. The South had few manufacturing resources. In order to successfully wage war, they needed weapons and military supplies and lots of money. By preventing them from selling their agricultural goods (cotton) and buying other things, the Union was able to prevent the Southern states from building strength. |}


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caused inflation and shortages in the South, especially for manufactured goods.

The blockade ruined the South's trade. It was one of the main reasons for the defeat of the South.

Prevented it from exporting its plentiful cotton in exchange for war-supplies.

The Union was fighting to end slavery and the South was fighting to keep it's slaves. Britain outlawed slavery.

The Union naval blockade prevented them from exporting their plentiful cotton.

Despite the Union blockade of most Southern ports, it was not a complete blockade. Thus some quantities of cotton were able to be shipped over to Great Britain during the war.

THE Union was the North during the Civil War.The south was the Confederate states

The Union was the North. The South was the Confederacy.

The union used a naval blockade to the south thinking this would split the confederacy.

The Union navy was mostly used to blockade principal southern ports

The Union Blockade of the southern states during the U.S. Civil War was an important event that led to the surrender of the Confederacy. The blockade worked to restrict both imports and exports from the southern ports. Experts still debate how effective the Union blockade was in the US Civil War. The reason for that was two fold. One was that cotton from the South, with Federal permission was sold to Northern merchants. They required a permit to do so. Also, the blockade impeded trade but as with any operation of the magnitude of blocking ports, the number of ships eluding the blockade is said to have been sizable.

Because most of the fighting happened in the South, and the Union naval blockade ruined the Southern economy.

No the union made a blockade of ships so that more suplies or slaves could not be shipped to the south from other countries.

The Union naval blockade, which prevented the Confederacy from exporting its plentiful cotton in exchange for war-supplies. This crippled the Southern economy.

During the US Civil War, the South had virtually no navy. This prevented them from actively battling with Union ships that were sent to blockade important Southern ports. Instead, they used mines, artillery fortifications and small scale raiding vessels to impede the Northern blockade.

the union are the south the confederate army are the north

The South was not divided amongst itself in the civil war it divided itself from the Union (The North)

During the American Civil War, the goal of the Union naval blockade of Southern ports was intended to starve the South of key material resources and war-making supplies. The Confederacy sought to get around the blockade by sending "blockade-runners" through the Union pickets at night or in rough weather or at other propitious times. They also attempted (unsuccessfully, on the whole) to reorganize their industry as more self-sufficient.

The blockade was used by the Union Soldiers to blockade southern ports so that they could not import or export goods.

The union, which is the north. the south were gray.

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