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Why the Union wonDespite the Confederacy's smaller territory and more unified society -- not counting the horrors of human slavery -- the Union had a larger population, more Natural Resources, and much higher degree of industrialization, which greatly affected the outcome of the long war. The Union also won due to the strategy of 'scorched earth' adopted by Tecumseh Sherman which helped him gain Georgia and effectively split the confederacy into 3 with Grant gaining Tennessee which meant that the South had to defend and would never regain enough resources to attempt a counter attack. Also the political genius of Lincoln in his declaration of the Emancipation proclomation meant that foregin support from Britain and France was stopped and it made the war about slavery. In some respects missed opportunites by confederate generals is also to blame, for example the failure to follow up after Southern sucess at the First Manassas.
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What was the south's war strategy to win the war?

The south didn't win the Civil War. It was the North (The Union) who beat the South (The Confederacy)

How did the south plan to win the war of the union?

they thought of bananas and monkeys.

What was the union strategy to win the war by weakening the south called?

Shock and Awe

What is the union strategy to win the war by weakening the South was called?

It was Called The Anaconda Plan

What was part of the union strategy to win the war?

To starve the south of resources to the point of surrender.

Why the Battle of Gettysburg was an important win for the union?

The battle of gettysberg was important because it showed that the south weren't as good as they looked and the union might win the war

What was the North's main goal in the civil war when it began?

when the civil war began, what was the main goal of the union (the north)

Did the South win the Civil War?

No, victory to the American Civil War was conceded to the Union (also known as the North).

What was Abraham Lincoln's goal in the civil war?

Simply to win the south back after they seceded from the union

What campaign was used to win the war and equal rights for blacks in the US?

The Civil War. The North was the Union and the South, the confederacy.

Did the confederates or the union win the civil war?


Did the union or confederate win the civil war?

The Union.

Did the union win in the Civil War?

Yes the union did win the American Civil War. This is the reason we only have one America.

Did the union win the war?

If it is the civil war yes

Why did the union think they needed to win the war?

To preserve the Union.

Did the confederates or union win?

The Union won the Civil War

Why did the war shift to the south?

Because of the defensive strategy adopted by the Confederacy, which compelled the the Federals to invade the South, defeat its Armies and conquer its territory, in order to win the war and restore the Union.

Why did the union go to war with the south?

Most people mistaking believe that the Union declared war on the South because of slavery. This was not true until the war was ending, and the Union thought that slavery was the South's inspiration to fight. The North declared war on the South to preserve the Union.

When did the union win the civil war?

in 1865

Where did the union win the civil war?

They won

Was the union the north or the south during the civil war?

The Union was the North. The South was the Confederacy.

Did the confederacy lose the war or did the union win the war?

Union won the American Civil War. Also known as the North.

How did the union plan to win the civil war?

They had the Anaconda Plan to surround the South and cut off their trade and divide them to weaken their economy.

When Lincoln refers to unfinished work what does that mean?

In his Gettysburg address, the unfinished work is to win the war and restore the South to the federal union.

How many civil war battles did the union win?

The Union lost three battles in the civil war

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