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in order to prevent South Vietnam from becoming communist like North Vietnam.

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What country was supported by the US during the Vietnam War?

The United States Supported South Vietnam.

Is South Korea an ally of the Republic of Vietnam?

Yes, South Korea is an ally of the Republic of Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, South Korea helped the United States and the Republic of Vietnam to fight against the communists. The Republic of Vietnam was helped by South Korea, by the United States, by Thailand, by Taiwan, by New Zealand, by Australia, by Singapore and by Malaysia!

Were american soldiers stationed in South Korea during the Vietnam war?

The United States has had a continuous military presence in South Vietnam since the war in 1950.

Vietnamese forces that were supported by American troops?

During the Vietnam War, the United States supported South Vietnam. This was an attempt to prevent communism from spreading from North Vietnam.

Who were the vietcong fighting?

The Vietcong was a political organization and army in South Vietnam and Cambodia that fought the United States and South Vietnamese governments during the Vietnam War (1955-1975).

Why did United States go to war with north Vietnam?

To prevent them from conquering South Vietnam.

Who were allies of Australia in the Vietnam War?

The United States, South Vietnam, The Phillipenes, New Zealand and South Korea.

Which countries supported the south Vietnam?

the united states & allies.

How were Vietnam able to gain independence?

South Vietnam was not able to gain independence from North Vietnam. North Vietnam took over the country during the Vietnam War and the United States Army left in defeat.

Who were allies of South Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

What I can determine is that the following governments provided military support to the Republic of Vietnam: United States, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand and the Phillipines.

Why did the United States occupy Vietnam?

The United States never 'occupied' Vietnam. It was invited to send troops to support the government of South Vietnam in its attempts to deal with North Vietnamese aggression.

Examples of containment in cold war?

United States and South Vietnam

Who won the battle of hue?

South Vietnam with the help of the United States.

What countries were envolved in the Vietnam war?

North and South Vietnam,France,the United States, Australia, South Korea, & New Zealand

Who supplied south Vietnam?

United States supplied South Viet Nam (now spell, Vietnam "to make it look better").

Why did the vitenam war start?

North Vietnam wanted to take over South Vietnam. North Vietnam was communist rule and South Vietnam was supported by us, the United States.

What were some reasons that the United States go t involved in the Vietnam war?

The primary objective of the United States was to prevent South Vietnam from falling to the communist north.

How did the American war with South Vietnam end?

The United States didn't fight against South Vietnam in fact they were allies fighting against North Vietnam.

What side did the Us help in the Vietnam war?

South Vietnam. Btw, the United States lost the war.

Who were on the democratic side of the Vietnam war?

South Vietnam, supported by the United States, Korea, and Australia's military.

What were the sides to the Vietnam war?

The North Vietnam Army (NVA) and the United States.(with help from Australia and minimal help from South Vietnam)

Who was the Vietnam war between originally?

Mainly South Vietnam and the United States of America against North Vietnam and the Viet Cong.

What were the sides in vietnam?

The Vietnam War was fought in North and South Vietnam. The main belligerents were the South Vietnamese and the United States against the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong.

What were the reasons given for fighting between the United States and Vietnam?

The war was between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The US was fighting with the Republic of South Vietnam to prevent an invasion by the Communist North Vietnam.

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