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Q: Why did the West got better and the East became overprotective in the crusades?
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When were the series of crusades fought in the Middle East?

Crusades fought in the Middle East occurred in the medieval times, from 1096 to 1291.

How has gunpowder evolved?

Well, it originated in the East, and was brought over to Europe during the Crusades in the Middle Ages. From there, it expanded and became very relied on.

Who sent the European Christians to the middle east for the crusades?

Crusades were decreed by Popes.

What are the many invasions of the Middle East by Christian warrior called?


Was the Middle East involved in the Crusades?

Yes, Arabs were highly involved in the Crusades.

Where were crusades fought?

the crusades were fought in the middle east, some in spain, germany and byzantine.

What did the Crusades do for Europe?

The Crusades increased the population of trade between Europe and the Middle East.

What group overthrew the Abbasid dynasty and became the Islamic force that fought in the crusades?

The Ayyubids, led by Saladin overthrew Abbassid control in much of the Middle East and became the leader of the Islamic opposition to the Crusaders.

Why did the europeans explore the East?

An example of exploration to the east would be the Crusades. The Crusades happened for multiple reasons one was to flush out heretics and Muslims and the other was to get the riches that the East held in store.

What were the European's explorations to the east driven in part by?

The Crusades

What made Europeans aware of the riches of the East?

it was the crusades

Expeditions to the Middle East led by Christian armies?

The Crusades.