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why did the africans came to the caribbean


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they came to the caribnean because of slavery and Caribbean is a small islandThe africans came to the caribbean to do slave work.Infact they were forced to do slavery for the EUROPEANS.

Africans came to the Caribbean because of slavery and the caribbean is a small island.

They initially came as slaves but many came as free people

who was the second ethnic group that came to the caribbean

The west africans came to the caribbean because the europeans took them as slaves to do they plantation

The Africans came to Jamaica by slave ships in the triangular trade which is from Europe- England to West Africa to the Caribbean- Jamaica. They were brought to the Caribbean by the Europeans.

they came by closely packed ships and by a passage called the triangular free trade

Africans were transported to the Caribbean by Europeans and Americans as part of the slave trade. The Caribbean was a pit-stop of sorts for slaves on the way to America. This allowed the ships to stock up on food and supplies before sailing up the coast to sell their cargo.

Most Africans who came to America came as slaves.

The Africans came in Trinidad and Tobago

They were brought for slavery.

They came to the CARIBBEAN for adventurous reasonS

The Caribbean is actually very diverse. The islands include Africans, Asians, and Europeans, as well as Hispanics.

they came yo sell thing in the caribbean

what year did amerindians came to the caribbean

Well obviously enslaved Africans came from Africa. Most came from Angola but they came from all over Africa.

the Africans were there as slaves and were forced to do work such as cutting sugar canes planting tabaco plants

Africans were taken to Belize as slaves.

Africans came to Trinidad on a ship to work as slaves on a sugar plantation estate

in 1655 in a large Mass/ the Spaniards.

The africans came from the west africa.

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