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the majority of homes and buildings in Japan at that time were constructed of wood and wood products. Incendiary bombs could do more damage than conventional H.E. bombs. The bombing campaign was an attempt to sway the Japanese population into demanding the emperor end the hostilities.

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What was the tactic used by Japanese pilots who crashed their planes into allied ships?

Kamikaze, or "divine wind", referencing two sudden storms that saved Japan from being invaded by Chinese armadas of Ghengis Khan.Japanese pilots who crashed their planes where called Kamikaze.

Were there any suicide bombers in World War 2?

There were Japanese pilots, Kamikaze pilots, who flew their planes into Allied ships attempting to sink them.

What does kamikaze mean in Japanese?

It means "divine wind" in Japanese, literally, although in a [possibly] more familiar context, it is often understood and used by people in the Western world to refer to Japanese pilots who flew their planes into Allied warships.

Why were kamikazes used by the Japanese government?

In large part they were running out of experienced combat fighter pilots. It was much faster to train raw recruit pilots how to crash their planes into Allied ships than to fight other planes.

How many were killed in the bombing of Tokyo in 1945?

There were numerous bombings of Tokyo in WWII, beginning with the Doolittle raid in 1942, which had little effect. But the bombing of Tokyo gained new meaning with the massive B-29 raids of 1945, which rained hundreds of tons of incendiary and explosive bombs on the capital for months on end. There is no "official" count of Japanese killed in Tokyo in 1945. It is estimated, both by Allied and Japanese sources, that the B-29 incendiary raid on March 10, 1945, with its resultant firestorm, killed at least 100,000 Japanese. Some estimates run as high as 120,000. At least ten other raids of 100 planes or more were mounted in that last year of the war. Many thousands of Japanese died in those attacks.

What do kamikaze do?

They are young Japanese men who were air force trained during the World War II. The were suicide pilots who would purposely crash their planes loaded with explosives, into Allied Ships in a last ditch effort to save the Japanese Empire.

What is the meaning of the song The Baka Song?

I am not sure if this fits your song but Allied servicemen in the Pacific sometimes referred to Japanese suicide bombers ( air=borne variety) as Baka Bombs or Baka Planes- this being a Japanese word for ( Foolish or in the slang sense- Nuts ) bombs. Never as common as Kamikaze. the Baka planes were purpose built as suicide craft=not adapted fighters or bombers. the Japanese called them Ohka or Oka planes, and euphemistically ( Special assault craft ( I way).

What kind of bombs they had in the planes in world war 2?

High explosive (e.g. TNT, RDX, Amatol)Magnesium incendiaryPhosphorous incendiary1 Uranium gun fission bomb1 Plutonium implosion fission bomb

What was the next stragegy chosen by the US after the Battle of Midway?

They had to get Guam back and start hitting the Islands they needed to block Japanese communications and gain airfields for the Allied Forces planes. They did exactly that.

What is a A6M?

The A6M is one of the many types of Japanese fighter planes The A6M is one of the many types of Japanese fighter planes

What kind of Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor?

Japanese bombers

Why was the Mitsubishi g4m called a Betty?

Following the eve of 1943 the naming convention of Japanese planes by Allied pilots was to name fighters and float planes male names and bombers and recon planes female names. The naming convention was pretty lax so Betty was probably just the name of someone's ex or something.

Why was the Battle for Iwo Jima an important event in World War II?

Iwo Jima was so important in WWII because it meant that the U.S. was close enough to Japan to bomb them. It had been critical for the Allied Forces to capture this island because it had two airfields created by the Japanese. The Allied Forces needed these runways to enable pilots to land their damaged planes or planes without enough fuel. It was a good supply point for the Allied Forces too.

When did the Japanese start making planes?


What were the japanese planes called by the american?


Why was the battle of leyte gulf so important?

The Japanese launched Kamikaze raids. in these suicide-plane attacks, Japanese pilots crashed their planes into allied ships supporting the invasion. Still, Japan lost so many ships in the Battle of Leyte Gulf that the Japanese Navy was essentially knocked out the war

Name given to Japanese suicide planes?

Japanese suicide planes were called Kamikazes. Kamikaze means divine wind in Japanese after the strong storm that saved Japan from a massive invasion from Mongolia in the 1200s. These planes were loaded with bombs and fuel to do the nmost damages.

When was the kamikaze planes invented?

Kamikaze were Japanese suicide pilots who attacked Allied warships during World War 2. The kamikaze plane's first flight took place in April 9, 1937.

Which allied aircraft shot down the most enemy planes?

F6F hellcat

At the Battle of Okinawa what damaged or sank 263 Allied ships?

Kamikaze Planes

How many Japanese planes were shot down at Pearl?

29 of 360 planes were shot down.

Where did the planes from 911 depart from?

D.C., Newark, and Boston are the three cities the hijacked planes left from.

How many Japanese planes were shot down during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

During the attack on Pearl Harbor 29 of 360 Japanese planes were shot down. Only a few US planes made it in the air, so most Japanese planes were shot down by the sailors on the vessels in the harbor. The Japanese lost nine aircraft in the first attack wave and twenty in the second.

When Japanese attacked pearl harbor was damage done to the American planes?

a few empty planes on the ground a few empty planes on the ground

What was the offensive strategy for the nagasaki bombing?

There were three planes so the Japanese did not think more than the planes were just weather planes. They were mistaken.