Why did the american genocide occur?

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Where does genocide occur in the world today?

Genocide is occurring in Darfur.

Where does Genocide still occur today?

South Africa, the White Genocide

Why did genocide occur in Sudan?


Where did the genocide in Rwanda occur?

In Rwanda

Where does genocide occur?

lots of places

Where did the Sudan genocide occur?

In Darfur

Where did the Nigeria genocide occur?

In Nigeria

Was the native American genocide the only genocide in America?


Did genocide occur in Congo?

Yes, it occured

Does genocide occur in china?

i pooped my pants

When did the genocide in rawinda occur?

From April to July in 1994.

When did the last genocide occur?

Darfur and it is going on now.

Does genocide occur anywhere in the world today?


When did Rwanda genocide occur?

April to July 1994

Where Do Genocide Still Occur?

In darfur still to this day

When did the Tutsis genocide occur?

April to June 1994

How did the American Indian genocide occur?

well first of all it started because one Indian took another Indian's ice cream cone.

Who were the upstanders in the Rwandan genocide?

The American Journalist that stayed during the genocide to record evidence

Does genocide occur today?

there are some sick freaks in the world

Does genocide occur in the world today?

yeah its occurring in Darfur

How did Cambodian genocide occur?

people killed other people

What year did genocide occur in Rwanda?

The genocide in rwanda occured in 1994, starting in february and ending in either June or July

When did the recent genocide in rwanda occur and how many people were killed?

The genocide in Rwanda recently occurred in 1994 and about 500000 people were killed.

Where did Armenian genocide occur?

In parts of the Ottoman Empire (Today Turkey)

Why does genocide continue to occur around the world?

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