Why did the bee go to the doctor?

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Because he had hives!
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Where do bees and wasps go in the winter?

Honeybees don't hibernate but remain in their hive when it is too cold to fly. Workers that are alive in the fall stay alive throughout the winter. They surround their queen forming a "bee ball" made up of constantly moving bees. This movement creates warmth that keeps the hive from freezing. For an ( Full Answer )

For how long do you have to go to school to be a doctor?

It depends on what type. Im only 13 but the type of doctor i want to be is a psychiatrist that takes 16 years (counting your high school diploma) For others it may be less. . Answer . I would say 5 to 8 years.

Why did the basketball player go to the doctor?

Answer . since doctors clinic is far away........so he had to...go . Answer . Because he couldn't stop dribbling. . Answer . Because, on the basketball court, he could never get a good shot.. He had a severe accident and cracked his knee open.

What school should a doctor go to?

There are many schools that doctors can go to and receive a goodeducation. Doctors can get an Ivy League education at Harvard.

Are bees going extinct?

It is said that bees are dying thanks to the use of pesticides andother environmental factors. It is not known if they willdefinitely become extinct however.

Do you have to go to a workers comp doctor?

THis question can not be answered without knowing the state. Every state has different w/c laws, some allow you to see your own doctor, some require you to see a doctor chosen by the employer, some allow you to see your doctor for a time, then switch to one required by your employer.

Are bees going extincted?

probably, bees are suffering from ccd or "colony collapse disease".. when a bee gets infected, it leaves the nest and soon dies

Why do bees go to flowers to pollinate?

because they need the nectar to make their honey...people say that they make the honey and we make the money.so that they can be rich.

Does a bee go through metamorphosis?

no not technically the bee queen has the bee just like it is butit doesn't under grow actual change it is like humans we just getbigger . This is a nonsense answer. Bees go through total metamorphosis -egg, larva, pupa.

Why are honey bees going extinct?

No, but some colonies in some areas are under threat from a parasite. people are taking all there huney just dont take there huney they will come back for you

What school did the Bee Gee's go?

I recall reading that either one or two of them went to Tynwald Street Junior school ( Now know as Fairfield school ) in Douglas. The only reason I remember this is that I too went to Tynwald Street Junior school for some time ( But after the Bee Gees had been there!)

Why are bees going to be extinct?

Many factors include but are not limited to: temperature change (global warming), airborne chemicals (pollution), parasites that infiltrate colonies, and radio waves e.g. cell towers that may interrupt the natural ways in which bees navigate. These are only possible factors, the real fear is that no ( Full Answer )

When is the the Doctor in Doctor Who going to die?

Presuming you mean David Tennant, there isn't a set date. But in the 2009 specials of Doctor Who, David Tennant will appear in all of them so therefore the last shall be his regeneration. It is assumed that December is the most likely time. Possibly Christmas Day. Possibly New Year's Day. Or maybe e ( Full Answer )

Is math used in beeing a doctor?

\nYes, I am one and I use it all the time. When calculating doses of medications, doctors need math. There are many other examples, but the answer is a strong YES!

Where do carpenter bees go at night?

Carpenter bees return to their hives at night. They build chambersin their hives, so that there is room for many of them to settlein.

How does birds and bees story go?

The birds and the bees is not a story it is an approlite way of explaining to a child about how babies come into the world. Without grossing them out.

Where do bees go when they are sick?

They go to honey heaven! Sick bee's work 'til they fall out of the sky, or can no longer fly due to tattered and worn wings. If they make it back to the hive, they are booted (dragged) out by healthy bees, and die.

Bees and wasps when do they go underground?

Wasps, bumble bees and feral bees will often build their nests underground, sometimes utilising small holes that have been abandoned by small rodents

Can you go to the doctor on Sims 3?

Yes, you can! There is a hospital on the Sims 3. Your sim can only go there to "become a partner", when having a baby, or when the Sim's spouse is having a baby.

Is Jesse Nunez going to be a doctor?

IT depends on if this Jesse nunez guy commits himself to be a doctor............ if not then he will be a failure and won't acheive his dream..... so Jesse nunez if i were you i would go to college and be a on task student

Where do bees go during a storm?

in any small whole.....underground, in tree truncks, bee hives, and even in ur house but sometimes for instance a bee chased me in that rain when I was goin to my car so no always do bees go hide lol good luck everyone

Will Doctor Who program go on forever?

Hopefully (it rules), but the people that work on Doctor Who could go bankrupt and not be able to pay for the programme. It mainly depends on audience interest and ratings.

If a doctor gets sick where will the doctor go?

If they can't diagnose themselves they will see another doctor or go to hospital. More: There is an old saying that, "If a doctor treats himself, he has a fool for a patient." Most doctors will treat themselves for minor aches, pains, colds and flu, but beyond that, they know they need an ob ( Full Answer )

How deep can bees go in the ground?

Bees tend to burrow 2 to 3 inches into the ground when they aretrying to build a hive. Depending on the size of the hive willdetermine just how far down the bees' hive will be located in theground.

How do you get bees to go away?

Check around the area and see if there are anything that blooms or might have pollen near by. This is the reason they are around and they are using water as a source to drink.

Should you go to the doctor for a nosebleed?

no. its just a nosebleed nothing to worry about If the bleeding continues, yes, you should see a doctor or visit the emergency room. Even if it stop, it would be good to mention it at the next doctor's visit. It could be an indication of other issues, such as high blood pressure.

Does a bee go through metamorphsis?

Bees are initially laid as eggs--one per hexagonal cell of honeycomb. Within three days, they hatch and become larvae. Later, mature bees place a wax cap over the top of each cell and the larvae become pupae, also called capped brood. So, in short, bees do undergo metamorphosis.

Can you get in trouble for not going to doctors when pregnant?

There is no law (in the US) compelling pregnant women to seek appropriate medical care. However, there have been some stories of criminal charges being filed when the fetus is stillborn or sick due to the mother neglecting to seek appropriate medical care, or due to her use of alcohol/drugs while ( Full Answer )

Is there going to be another Doctor on Doctor Who?

Yes. A new actor will be introduced as the new Doctor after MattSmith leaves in the 2013 Christmas special. A Time Lord is, according to the show, able to regenerate thirteentimes. We're currently on the eleventh regeneration (played by MattSmith), so, yes, eventually we will have at least two more ( Full Answer )

Is going to the spelling bee good?

yes Refining and showing off your spelling talents is great. Getting to the state and national level is excellent. Considering the state we're in, concerning spelling, we need all the excelling spellers we can get!

Why do you have to go to medical school to be a doctor?

The most immediate answer is that you can't get a medical license without going to medical school. Medical school is considered one of the requirements to protect the public when they are seeking medical care.

Why do the doctors go from old to young?

Although there is no official answer to this question it may have something to do with entropy. Meaning that as they age the lives are less lively so to speak. Therefore a shorter life means they are seen as younger. A complex hyper-dimensional being only appears to us to flash into being as the pre ( Full Answer )

When do you need to go to the doctor for an injury?

You need to go to the doctor for an injury if you think something is broken. You do not want to try to heal your broken wounds by yourself because they could grow back wrong.

Does a bee go into metamorphsis?

Yes. A honey bee starts as an egg, turns into a pupa, then a larva and then hatches as a fully formed bee. The whole process takes 21 days.

Where do bees go in winter in the uk?

Honey bees will stay in the hives when it is too cold to fly out, and will cluster together on the combs to conserve body heat -- rather like penguins in the antarctic. For bumble bees and wasps: at the end of summer the colonies would have produced new queens and drones. The new queens will mate ( Full Answer )

What time do bees go to bed?

Bees don't fly when it is too dark or cold or if it's raining. They then rest in their nest, they don't really go to bed.

Who is going to be the 12 doctor in Doctor Who?

The 11th Doctor is played by Matt Smith, the youngest ever actor to take on the role. He has been in the job since 2009. See related link. He has announced that he intends to leave the show later on in 2013, after the 50th Anniversary celebrations and special episodes. As to who his successor wil ( Full Answer )

Where do bees go to the toilet?

In the winter, they have to do it in the hive because it is toocold to go outside. They then clean everything up when the weathergets warmer. In the summer they do it outside.

Where do beekeepers go to get bees?

Beekeepers sometimes catch swarms of bees, sometimes breed their own bees and sometimes buy them from a breeder.