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Why did the californios moved west?


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They wanted to convert California Indians to Christianity.

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The reason the Californios moved west was because they wanted to build missions and convert the Native Americans to Christianity. This was the goal of many Spanish settlers.

cause they wanted more land and hear there were good cotton and crops over there

they moved west becaUse thEY were loocking for a bether life

Wagon accidents, Wild Animals, Native Americans, Drowning, Starvation.

The Mexican Cession was what involved the Californios

which southeastern tribe was the first to be moved west?

the kind of people that moved west were pioneers.

Mormons moved west to escape religious scrutiny.

A couple hundred thousand people moved west

The act of that moved Native Americans to the west is called Westward Expantion =]

bear flag revolt- rebellion of american settlers against the californios in 1846

Settlers moved West to make a better living, and the opportunity to buy land

The Mormons moved west because they were treated harshly and even kicked out of other homes in the east.

the explorers moved west for new opportunities.

The original Californios were descendants born in California from the first Spanish and Mexican settlers. This was before the treaty by which California was ceded to the USA.

Lots of people moved west because there was a lot of land available and the economy out West was better. People also moved because there were lots of jobs out West.

the pioneers moved west to expand their land

they moved west in search of religious freedom

Over 70,000 Mormon pioneers moved west on the Mormon Trail. Several more came later by railroad.

Persecution. The Mormons were chased out of Missouri and asked to leave Illinois... so they moved further west, where there was nobody to kick them out.

Let's just say, they moved west because they were kicked out of everywhere else. Relly I thought it was because of the GOLD?

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