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Q: Why did the earthquake occur in Japan?
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Related questions

When did the earthquake occur exactly in Japan?

on 11th march 2011 at earthquake occur exactly in japan

Why did earthquake Kobe occur in Japan?

The earthquake of Japan occured because Japan is on a major fault line.

How did the 2011 earthquake in Japan happen?

The plates moved so this can occur the earthquake.

How did the 2011 japan earthquake happen?

The plates moved so this can occur the earthquake.

How did the japan earthquake 2011 happen?

The plates moved so this can occur the earthquake.

In what country did the Japan earthquake occur?

I'm going to go with Japan on this one.

What country did the strongest earthquake on record occur?


Why do most earthquakes occur in Japan?

Earthquakes occur in japan because of the two tectonic plates underneath the islands (of Japan) when they rub together it makes a earthquake

Which coutry did the great 'Kanto' earthquake occur?

it happened in japan

When did this tsunami occur in japan?

It was caused by an earthquake off the coast.

When did the Kobe earthquake occur and in which country can Kobe be found?

The Kobe earthquake occurred in Japan in the year 1995.

Did the earthquake in japan occur at the same time as the tsunami?

No, the earthquake in the ocean cause the water to make the tsunami

How did the tsunami occur in japan?

by me i know what tsunami has occur ed by a 8.6 recorded earthquake :p

When did the earthquake occur in japan?

on 11th march 2011 at earthquake occur exactly in Japan

Where does earthquake normally occur?

nearly every land, but they often occur in japan with the tsunami. Some examples of big earthquakes: haiti earthquake, indonesian ones etc.

How did it occur in Japan?

It is most likely to have just been caused randomly by the three plates that board Japan or the rather small Chinese earthquake a day prior to the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.

When will japan's next earthquake occur?

No one knows for sure when the next earthquake is going to be anywhere. Thier could be more after shocks.

When does an earthquake occur in japan?

Japan has some kind of earthquake nearly every day most of which are small earthquakes. There are over 1,500 earthquakes per year in Japan. This is largely due to Japan being situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire which is a hotbed of seismic activity.

When did the earthquake occur in Japan today?

The March 2011 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan struck 80 miles off the coast at 2:46 p.m. Tokyo time (about 1 am EST).

Where did the Japanese earthquake and tsunami occur?

Off the coast of Sendai, a city in North-Eastern Japan.

When areas where earthquake occurs?

Although earthquake may occur anywhere on the earth, Japan is the country where frequency of earthquake is maximum. This happens due to the movement of tectonic plates of the earth in different directions.

Why do many earthquakes occur in Japan?

The amount of sushi in japan put pressure on the tectonic plates, causing a massive earthquake. Ninjas were also involved. Or were they?

When did tusnami and earthquake occur in japan?

2011, thats all i know, im tryna find out myself.

When was the earthquake in japan last year?

Well, according to my book full of true answers. Japan had their latest earthquake in 2009 when over 500 peope have died and were very badly injured. Although Japan is a capacious and resplendent country natural disasters can often occur.

On what date did the Cascadia earthquake occur in the year 1700?

This heavy earthquake happend on January 26, 1700 AD. This earthquake caused a tsunami that hits the coast of Japan. Round about every 460 years an earthquake occurs in that region.