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Spanish explorers noted the coastline of the Guianas around 1500. Sir Walter Raleigh explored parts of Guyana in the 16th century, encouraged by stories of "El Dorado" - a land where gold was plentiful. The first Europeans to colonise Guyana were the Dutch, who settled in Demerara area, Essequibo and Berbice. The British also had settlements from around 1700 and formed British Guiana in 1831. The Europeans came to Guyana to build their empires, for new lands to culitivate crops such as sugar and rice, using slave labour and later "indentured" labour, and to profit from the land and industry. So the main reason for colonialisation is to make money, to find new markets, to take advantage of slave labour. But other reasons are to explore the world and to enjoy sunnier climates.

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In search of new land but didn't find any but find eledero

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i don't kown =/

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Q: Why did the Europeans come to Guyana?
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