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that they where the first one her

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French not the official language of French Polynesia

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Q: Why did the french first come to America?
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Who was the first french explorer to come to north America?

Giovanni da Verrazano

When did the French came?

Well first it is why did the french "come" not came, but otherwise, I am assuming that you mean why the french came to America, so, to make things short, the french came to America to find a passage to Asia, originally that is.

Who was the first French explorer to come to Canada?

The First French explorers to reach North America were Jaques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain, if that answers your question.

Where do French beans come from?

central and south America

When did the french come to Latin America?

during 1624

How did the French come to America?

The French came to America by ship. They then made friends with the Native Americans and travels by foot or canoe.

What 2 main groups of french first settled in America?

the two main settlers in America that were french were first the dutch and the pilgrims

What year did the first American come to America?

the first Asian come to America came in 1843

Was the French the first to bring slaves to America?

It is the British which did and then the French followed.

Why did Jacques cartier come to America?

To claim land for the French.