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Obviously, because there was gold there and they wanted some of it. This was augmented by the fad like nature of the Gold Rush. Many people were attracted by the "everyone is doing it" aspect.

While a few people got rich by finding gold, but more people got rich by selling supplies to the ones looking for it.

The thought of getting rich did attract many, but another big reason was the chance for freedom. California wasn't yet a state and laws weren't particularly enforced. There was no established society except for those of the Native Americans, so people could basically create their own.

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Q: Why did the gold rush attract so many people to California?
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How many people did the gold rush attract?


Why did California attract many settlers after the 1840s?

The discovery of gold in California in 1849 attracted thousands of settlers seeking to make their fortune by finding gold.

How many people were at the California Gold Rush?

300,000 people migrated to California for the gold rush.

How did the California gold rush start?

many people mover to a part of California that gold was found

How many people came to California during the California Gold Rush?

300,000 men, women and children came to California for gold

On whose land was gold found in California in 1848?

After gold was discovered in California, many people decided to become forty-niners, or people who went to California to find gold, starting in 1849.

How many people found gold during the California gold rush?


How many people came to California for the gold rush?

five of the people

Why did the gold rush attract so many people?

Wealth and power in a time when that was scarce.

What attracted people to California in 1848 and 1849?

The gold Rush had attracted many people to migrate and to come to California in 1848 and 1849. THE GOLD RUSH

Why was gold so valuable during the California Gold Rush?

It was important because many people really wanted money so many people hurried over to California hoping for the least bit of gold.

How many people got rich from the California Gold Rush from finding gold?


What happened during the California gold rush?

In 1848, gold was found in California. by 1849, the news of this gold discovery sent many people from the East to travel to California to seek their fortunes in gold mining. The Gold Rush helped to populate California.

How many people went to California for the gold rush?


What is thereason many people went to California?

Gold Rush!

When did the California rush end?

The California Gold Rush ended in 1855. However, many people still search for gold in California hoping to strike it rich.

What is is the gold rush about?

The gold rush occured when gold was discovered in northern California. Seeking the wealth and money that gold can bring, many people traveled to California to dig up the gold. After a while, and as more and more people traveled, the gold supply lowered, and traveling to California was less popular. ok

How many people came to California at the time of the gold rush?

As many as 300,000 people traveled to California during the gold rush (1848-1855), but it is largely estimated that only 10% of that number actually stayed in California as residents.

What was the reslut of the California gold rush?

many more people moved to california and people who found gold became rich people who didnt became very dissapointed hope that helps

Why did many people migrate to California in 1849?

caifronia gold rush! (:

How many people got rich from the California gold rush?


Do people still come to California because of the Gold Rush?

No, not usually at least. Not many people search for gold in California. Although many people still come to California to go sight seeing. Tourists love the Golden Gate Bridge, The Hollywood sign and many other things.

What route did people take on the California gold rush?

Many, Many different routes.

Which event brought many many people to California in the year 1849?

The gold rush

Why did many people move to California in 1849?

The California Gold Rush and the free land and to become ritch