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The iceberg was just floating peacefully in the water, it was the Titanic which was moving rapidly under power, and which hit the iceberg. Why do they always blame the iceberg? They were common in the northern Atlantic that time of year. The likelihood is that the Titanic was moving much more rapidly than it should have been, possibly to break the trans-Atlantic record. By the time the berg was sited, there was insufficient time to turn the massive ship out of harm's way. There is also some evidence that there were weaknesses in the metal of the hull and or rivets. These weaknesses would not have been detectable with existing technology at the time the Titanic was built.

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Q: Why did the iceberg break off and hit the Titanic?
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Where was the Titanic located when the iceberg hit?

The Titanic hit the iceberg 350 miles off the coast of Canada.

What part of the Titanic hit off the iceberg?

The right side on the bottom.

How many hours was it when the titanic sailed off until it hit the iceberg?

When Titanic hit the iceberg on April 14th, she had been sailing for some days since leaving Ireland on April 11th.

What caused the titanic to hit an iceberg?

It was night, and the closest ship turned the radio off

Where Titanic sank?

The Titanic sank off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, after hitting an iceberg.

Iceberg is to titanic as Delilah is to what this is an analogy I know that but what is the answer to it?

Iceberg is to titanic as Delilah is to Samson (Samson was destroyed by Delilah who cut off his hair in the Bible, and he lost his strength, as is the Iceberg which destroyed titantic).

What was the head of the broke off when the titanic hit the iceberg?

No, the bow was not broken off. Ice had damaged the hull on the starboard side under the waterline but the bow was not harmed.

What is an iceberg collision?

its a thing where you hit a iceberg and bounce off it again

What is the iceberg that hit the titanic called?

there was never a name for Titanic's iceberg but it's believed to have been spawned off the Jakobshavn Glacier from the Ilulissat fjord in western Greenland in 1909.

How did the boat hit the iceberg?

What I hear happened was the Titanic had gotten massages about iceberg fields ahead but Capt. Smith still had the Titanic cruising along at maybe 24 knots, and it's highest was 25 knots. The men in the crows nest spotted the iceberg with only their eyes, and they rang the bell. The Titanic was turning and it seemed to not hit but it did. If the men in the crows nest had had binoculars, which were in a locked locker (because a crew member was put off the ship for another, and he by mistake took the key to the locker.) they could have spotted it quicker and therefore the Titanic would not have hit the iceberg which in fact was a blackberg.

Who or what was encountered in the Titanic?

Titanic encountered an iceberg that may have been spawned from the Jakobshavn Glacier (off western Greenland).

What events happened before the titanic hit the iceberg?

One important event was the accidental ramming of the Olympic. When Titanic's sister ship was returned to the yards for repairs, this delayed the maiden voyage of Titanic, setting her off later - on her collision course with doom.

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