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It can be chalked up to a lack of knowledge about his client. Although Carter was personal friends with Robert Palmer, he did not know a lot about his personal life and that is where the reporting errors cropped up. They started with Carter reporting Mary Ambrose as Robert Palmer's partner vacationing with him in Paris at the time of his death. Robert Palmer's companion at the time of his death was Geraldine Edwards. The reason for this misreport was that Carter and Ambrose were very close and had a child together in 2001. According to Carter, he took Ambrose at her word, and announced Ambrose's name to the press. In addition to this, Carter announced Robert Palmer's divorce date from Susan Palmer as 1991. The correct divorce date was in 1999. He also quoted that Robert Palmer was in "Perfect Health" prior to his death. That was not correct. Robert Palmer was suffering from Hypertension and was being treated medically for that condition. Jack Bruce, another of Mick Carter's client's, was vacationing with Robert Palmer in Paris, France at the time of his death, not Mary Ambrose. And finally, Mick Carter reported that Robert Palmer was only married once and had only two children. Robert Palmer was married twice and had five children. His final reporting faux pas was telling the press that Robert Palmer was to be buried at his home in Lugano, Switzerland. That is not correct. There was a Memorial Service for Robert Palmer in Lugano, Switzerland, however, Robert Palmer was buried in London, England.

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Robert was not married twice and had only 2 children. God only knows what the truth is about Mary.
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Q: Why did the late Robert Palmers manager Mick Carter make so many errors in reportage after Robert Palmers death?
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