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It can be chalked up to a lack of knowledge about his client. Although Carter was personal friends with Robert Palmer, he did not know a lot about his personal life and that is where the reporting errors cropped up. They started with Carter reporting Mary Ambrose as Robert Palmer's partner vacationing with him in Paris at the time of his death. Robert Palmer's companion at the time of his death was Geraldine Edwards. The reason for this misreport was that Carter and Ambrose were very close and had a child together in 2001. According to Carter, he took Ambrose at her word, and announced Ambrose's name to the press. In addition to this, Carter announced Robert Palmer's divorce date from Susan Palmer as 1991. The correct divorce date was in 1999. He also quoted that Robert Palmer was in "Perfect Health" prior to his death. That was not correct. Robert Palmer was suffering from Hypertension and was being treated medically for that condition. Jack Bruce, another of Mick Carter's client's, was vacationing with Robert Palmer in Paris, France at the time of his death, not Mary Ambrose. And finally, Mick Carter reported that Robert Palmer was only married once and had only two children. Robert Palmer was married twice and had five children. His final reporting faux pas was telling the press that Robert Palmer was to be buried at his home in Lugano, Switzerland. That is not correct. There was a Memorial Service for Robert Palmer in Lugano, Switzerland, however, Robert Palmer was buried in London, England.

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Did Mary Ambrose have a child with the late Robert Palmers manager Mick Carter?

Yes, according to the late Robert Palmer, Mary Ambrose and Mick Carter had a son together in 2001.

Why are there two different answers to the question did Mick Carter Robert Palmers manager attend Robert Palmers funeral?

The correct answer is that Carter did not attend the funeral, per Robert Palmer's daughter, Anna Palmer. Some people did answer yes to the question, assuming that was the case, but the word of a family member in attendance at the funeral takes precidence over an educated guess.

Is it true that Mick Carter was invited to the funeral of his client Robert Palmer?

The answer is no, per Anna Palmer, Robert Palmers daughter.

What was the reason that Mick Carter was not invited to Robert Palmers funeral?

The funeral, which was in London, England, was intended only for family and close friends. Mick Carter was held in most of Robert Palmer's friends regards as an employee (his manager) who Robert Palmer was definintely friendly with, but not regarded as a close personal friend. Therefore, he was not in receipt of an invitation to the funeral.

Who are Aaron Carter's parents?

His parents were Robert Gene Carter and Jane Elizabeth Carter (née Spaulding) - his mom was his manager.

Does Mary Ambrose who dated Robert Palmer receive child support from Mick Carter Palmers former manager for their son born in 2001?

Yes. Mary Ambrose had a son with Mick Carter, Robert Palmer's former manager, in 2001. He is now eleven years old. Although Carter does not pay a monthly settlement for his son, he paid Mary Ambrose a one-time settlement, the amount of which was undisclosed, in 2004. Mary Ambrose lost her parential rights to her son in 2011, and he is now being reared by a relative of hers in the State of New York.

How old was Mary Ambrose Robert Palmers Estate Manager and sometimes lover when Robert Palmer died as I have read more than one answer?

Mary Ambrose was twenty-six years old at the time of Robert Palmers death, according to her late mother, Linda Ambrose. According to Mary Ambrose's brother Michael, she was born on June 9, 1977. For reasons that nobody could ascertain, Mary Ambrose herself and Mick Carter started announcing her age as thrity-six years old at the time of Robert Palmers death and that information got into print. Unfortunately for Mary Ambrose, people who did actually know her reported her correct age, ending the charade that she was a decade older.

Did Mary Ambrose Robert Palmers ex girlfriend offer to erase Mick Carters Palmers former managers substansial debt to Palmers family if he would announce her as palmers companion after palmers death?

Yes. Mick Carter, who was Robert Palmer's manager, and who was fired in September of 2003 did owe Robert Palmer a substansial financial debt. After an audit was conducted on accounts of Palmer's that Mick Carter was a signatore on, financial improprieties were discovered. Mick Carter had withdrawn $250,000.00 over a five-year time period for his personal use and then covered the transactions by listing them in accounting ledgers under legitimate explanations. When information contained in the ledgers was double checked it was discovered that receipts were created for companies that did not exist as well as trips and expenses that allegedly took place on Palmer's behalf had never actually occurred. Several cancelled checks were missing pertaining to these entries, causing a red flag to go up. Mick Carter was fired upon the discovery, and Robert Palmer made an arrangement for Mick Carter to reimburse him the lost money. Carter was going to mortgage his estate in restitution for the debt. When Robert Palmer died soon thereafter, and Mick Carter concluded that Robert Palmer had not yet told anyone about his firing or about his actions regarding the accounts. Unfortunately for Mick Carter, Robert Palmer had told a handful of people close to him about the situation, but Carter did not realize this. Robert Palmer had ended his personal relationship with Mary Ambrose in February of 2003. He had dated her casually from 2000 to 2003, after his 1999 divorce from his second wife Susan Palmer. She also worked for him as his live-in estate manager and personal assistant. Mary Ambrose was anxious that she should be reported as Robert Palmer's companion at the time of his death, even though Robert Palmer was by then engaged to Geraldine Edwards, his longtime friend and girlfriend. Palmer and Edwards had met in 1975. Mary Ambrose had discovered that Mick Carter owed Robert Palmer money before Palmer had passed away through a third-hand source. She promised Mick Carter that if he announced her name as Robert Palmer's companion, she would erase the debt. Mick Carter believed her and made the announcement. As it stood, however, Mary Ambrose did not have the actual authority to erase the debt, as she well knew, and Mick Carter was told he would have to rectify the debt. By then, the announcement had been made. Another mitigating factor for making the announcement was that Mary Ambrose had a son in 2001, fathered by Mick Carter. The two used to date. Mick Carter was married at the time and wished to keep the existence of his love child with Mary Ambrose from his wife. Ambrose was not exclusive with Palmer while they dated and had two sons from acquaintances of his. In the end, Mick Carter was compelled to pay the debt he owed the late Robert Palmer to Palmer's family.

When did Robert Carter Pitman die?

Robert Carter Pitman died in 1891.

When was Robert Carter Pitman born?

Robert Carter Pitman was born in 1825.

When was Robert Brudenell Carter born?

Robert Brudenell Carter was born in 1828.

When did Robert Brudenell Carter die?

Robert Brudenell Carter died in 1918.

When did Robert Carter III die?

Robert Carter III died in 1804.

When was Robert B. Carter born?

Robert B. Carter was born in 1960.

When was Robert Carter - editor - born?

Robert Carter - editor - was born in 1819.

When did Robert Carter - editor - die?

Robert Carter - editor - died in 1879.

What actors and actresses appeared in Reportage am Montag - 1984?

The cast of Reportage am Montag - 1984 includes: Tariq Aziz as himself Robert Badinter as himself Stan Rivkin as himself Georg Stefan Troller as Narrator

Is it true that Mick Carter the manager of the late Robert Palmer tried to get himself assigned to the Estate of Robert Palmer as a Trustee?

Yes, that is true. The Paris, France Court denied his request to be named a Trustee of the Estate of Robert Palmer.

When was Robert G. Carter born?

Robert G. Carter was born on 1845-10-29.

When did Robert G. Carter die?

Robert G. Carter died on 1936-01-04.

When was Robert L. Carter born?

Robert L. Carter was born on 1917-03-11.

When did Robert Carter appear in Bonanza?

I was unable to find Robert (Bob) Carter on the guest star list of the series.

Is it true that Mick Carter the late Robert Palmers manager petitioned to have himself named as a Trustee on the Estate of Robert Palmer was he successful?

Yes, Mick Carter petitioned the French Probate Court requesting that he be named a Trustee on the Estate of Robert Palmer on the grounds that he questioned the competency of the assigned Trustee James Palmer. The Court found that James Palmer was sufficiently competent to act as Trustee. James Palmer was also the Executor of the Estate of Robert Palmer. It is unconventional for the court to assign a Trustee to an estate when the Decedent has not named that individual as such. This will occur only in rare circumstances with considerable deliberation from the court. Mick Carters petition was denied. James Palmer did an admirable job administering the Estate of Robert Palmer by all accounts.

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