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To preserve the Union.

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Q: Why did the northerners fight the Civil War?
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Related questions

Did some northerners fight for the south during the Civil War?


Why were northerners and southerners willing to fight in the civil war?

because they want the people enslaved in the south to be free...

Who were the Carpetbaggers?

northerners who came to the south after the civil war

What were northerners who moved to the south following the civil war called?

Northerners who went south after the civil war were called "carpetbaggers" or "scalawags".

Did southerners fight for the union during the civil war?

Yes there were southerners fighting for the Union as well as northerners fighting for the Confederacy. The war split families apart.

How many northerners opposed going to war with the south in the civil war?

About 1/5 of all northerners

What was the northerners reason for war in the Civil War?

my mom

Who were the northerners civil war?

The Union.

Why did many Northerners go to the South after the Civil War?

Many Northerners went to the South after the Civil War to buy land, because it was very inexpensive. They were known as Carpetbaggers.

What was a copperhead?

Northerners who opposed the Civil War.

Who were Northerners who came to the South after the Civil War?

Carpetbaggers - APEX

What were the northerners called in the civil war?

I believe it was the Yankees.

What were the northerners name during the civil war?

The Union

What were the nicknames for the northerners and southrners in the civil war?

Northerners were called Bluebelly. Southerners were Johnny Reb.

Who were the Yankees in war?

Any American if it's a foreign war, or Northerners in the U.S. Civil War.

Northerners who went south after the civil war were called?


What was a copperhead during the civil war?

Northerners who sympathized the South.

Northerners who came to the south after the civil war were known as?


What was the nickname of northerners who opposed Lincoln and the civil war?


How was life for northerners in the civil war?

it was god cause they were free

Northerners who came to the south after the civil war known as?


Why was the Civil War considered everybody's war?

Because the North AND the South were drafted into the war.(The saying "a rich man's war and a poor man's fight"was also used because the South could not pay $300 to get out of the war like the Northerners could.)

How many people on the North died in the Civil War?

U.S. Civil War statistics: Number of Northerners killed in action = 142,000 + Number of Northerners killed, total = 365,000 +

Why were northerners most eager to go to war in civil war?

they wanted to abolish slavery

How did northerners feel about slavery after the Revolutionary War?

Northerners were completely against slavery, and before the Civil War they took their hatred overboard by killing Southerners for their slavery.