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Why did the northerners fight the Civil War?


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To preserve the Union.


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because they want the people enslaved in the south to be free...

Northerners who went south after the civil war were called "carpetbaggers" or "scalawags".

Northerners who opposed the Civil War.

Yes there were southerners fighting for the Union as well as northerners fighting for the Confederacy. The war split families apart.

Northerners were called Bluebelly. Southerners were Johnny Reb.

Many Northerners went to the South after the Civil War to buy land, because it was very inexpensive. They were known as Carpetbaggers.

U.S. Civil War statistics: Number of Northerners killed in action = 142,000 + Number of Northerners killed, total = 365,000 +

Northerners who sympathized the South.

it was god cause they were free

Any American if it's a foreign war, or Northerners in the U.S. Civil War.

northerners who came to the south after the civil war

Northerners were completely against slavery, and before the Civil War they took their hatred overboard by killing Southerners for their slavery.

He did not fight for civil WAR! he fought for civil RIGHTS and liberties

No he did not fight in the Civil War

That it had to happen so that everybody in the country was free.

Because the North AND the South were drafted into the war.(The saying "a rich man's war and a poor man's fight"was also used because the South could not pay $300 to get out of the war like the Northerners could.)

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