World War 2
Japan in WW2

Why did the other countries surrender in world war 2?

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Did Russia surrender in war world II?

No Russia did not surrender in world war II

What 3 countries did Bulgaria surrender land to after World War 1?

Serbia, Greece and Romania.

When did the countries of denmark and Norway surrender in world war 2?

Norway surrendered on June 10th, 1940.

Who did Germany surrender to?

Depends upon which war we are talking about. And they signed armistices and surrendered to different countries at different times during the same war. The Allies in World War I and World War 2.

Who was defeated before World War 2 was over?

Japan was the last Axis ally to surrender, so all of the other Axis countries had already been defeated.

When did Britain surrender in world war 2?

It didn't surrender.

When did Australia surrender in World War 2?

It didn't surrender.

What was reason World War 2 started?

World War II started when Hitler started to invade other countries as the German Chancellor. The other countries fought back and other countries they had made alliances with declared war.

What were the main causes of surrender of the American Civil War?

The main causes of surrender during the American Civil War are the same reason for surrender in any other war,... one side overwhelms the other.

What made the world war to happen?

The Countries In The World Tried To Conquer The Other Countries And They Started A War Called The World War. But In This Age The United Nations Came And Stopped The World Wares

What factors led to the German surrender?

Factors that led to the German surrender in World War II was the near total annihilation of the their military ability. There was essentially no recourse other than unconditional surrender.

What alternatives were there to the world war 2?


How did World War 2 end for japan?

The Japanese Instrument of Surrender was the written agreement that enabled the Surrender of Japan, ending World War II.

3 good reason why bombing japan in world war 2 was a good move?

Reason 1-To help the other countries that were not as techlogical as the us. Reason 2-So that it would end the war all together. Reason 3-to make japan surrender and get peace in the countries.

Why did Russia surrender in world war 1?

They surrendeed when Germany told them to die or surrender.

When did Europe surrender during World War 2?

Europe did not surrender during WW2.

What countries achieve independence from other countries because of World War 2?


What was World war?

World War is a war that involves all/or most of the countries fighting in alliances against each other.

What was the result of Japans invation into other countries?

World War.

How did the other countries get involved in World War 1?


What led to German surrender in World War 1?

They were losing the war.

When did the US end World War I?

Then end of World War I in November 1918 was not completely due to American involvement. The allied effort consisted of many countries and every one contributed to the surrender. They all fought and many from all of the allied countries died.

Was Poland occupied by the Nazi's during world war 2?

Poland was the first country attacked by Nazi Germany in World War II, and the first to be forced to surrender. It was also one of the last countries to be liberated during the war.

What war was it when the nazi invade other countries?

You mean World War II. -Anthonymm

Where are the surrender documents of world war 2?

In France.

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