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Why did the people in the newly independent states fear a strong government?


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Americans believed that the British government had deprived people of their rights. They thought this was likely to happen with any national government that was both powerful and far away from the people.


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the United States needed a national court system when the constitution was written because the states were too independent and they were not acting as UNITED states, and instead as individual states. The leaders discovered that they had to create a strong, central government to create a strong independent country.

Can be called "states rights" advocates.

Puerto Rico's constitution mirrors that of most of the 50 states of the United States. It has a government that mirrors the federal government of the United States. The Constitution creates an executive branch with a strong governor, a bicameral legislature, and a strong, independent judiciary. Each branch checks and balances the other two branches's power.

Why were the states afraid of centralized authority strong government? confederation era

it didn't provide a strong central government. the states acted completely independent of each other. acting for their best interest and not that of the states as a whole.

the people make the government strong.

anti-federalists were pro-republican government with most of the power designated to the states.

The people that desired a strong central government in the United States organized and called themselves the Nationalists. Later, these people became known as the Federalists.

Failure of Articles of ConfederationIt didn't provide a strong central government. the states acted completely independent of each other. acting for their best interest and not that of the states.

The United States wanted a more democratic form of government with greater representation for the common people and favored a strong government. That is why our government is structured the way it is.

Just after the revolutionary war,the former colonists had been afraid of a national government that was too strong. Now people had a government that was too to work well. The confederation was really 13 separate and independent states rather than one nation . The country was not really united. The british ,in fact , called the disunited States

Yes. He was against a strong federal government and he wanted the power to belong to the people. He wanted individual states to be able to make their own desicions.

a strong central government threatens the rights of the people and of the states

The articles of confederation was created after the United States declared independence . It was a form of documentation of the new country and its new government (that was made purposefully weak, since we were under strong control before we declared independent).

The Federalists wanted a strong central government.

The states afraid of centralized authority and a strong national government because of the stronghold England once held. The states enjoyed their independence.

It has a Bicameral Legislature, an Independent Judiciary and a Strong Executive.

It has a bicameral Legislature, an Independent Judiciary and a strong Executive.

the states wanted more power over the federal government.

It was necessary for the government to take strong measures against people who opposed the war so that all can remain united. The United of States was a confederation and unity was critical.

People around the time of 1787 opposed a strong National Government because of the fact that they were scared of a government that was similar to the Parliament of Britain. Finally receiving their independence from the Parliament of Britain, people in the United States wanted to prevent a government from forming that was similar to the British Parliament. this sucks

I believe that right now the United States has the most power because of our strong government, belief in our people, and strong, courageous military.

Federalists were people who believed in a strong central government during the early years of the United States. It is not a document.

Sorry about the other guy...this is the real answer: The delegates for a strong national government believed that a strong national government would endanger the rights of states. (S.S)

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