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By coming near the person. Once you got it from a FLEA, it spread like wildfire.

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Q: Why did the plague spread to other people?
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Who did people blame for the spread of the black plague?

people blamed on Jews because they were different than the other people.

How did the plague spread through Europe?

The plague was spread by infected fleas that lived on rats. People living close to one another in poor conditions contributed to the spread of the plague,

How did people help spread the black plague?

Rat's helped spread the black plague more than anything

Why did the plague not spread anywhere else in the north?

Black Death Plague had spread across Europe. It also spread in Russia and other northern empires as well.

Why did the plague spread so quickly?

the plague spread so quickly because people didn't have medicine and it was easily tranported by the rat

Who did the black plague happen to?

It could've happened to anybody. A rat carrying this disease can spread it to other people.

How is plague spread?

The Plague was spread from rat fleas that carried the bacteria "Yersina Pestus." They would jump onto the victims, and regurgitate the bacteria into their bloodstream. It didn't help that people would live so close to each other and spread it through sores, cuts and other infections.

Why did the bubonic plague spread?

it spread because of rats bitting people after the rats were infected by the black plague how the rats get it i dont remember sorry

How is pneumonic plague spread?

Some people and/or animals with bubonic plague go on to develop pneumonia (pneumonic plague). This can spread to others via infected droplets during coughing or sneezing.

What spread the bubonic plague?

The plague was spread by fleas that often hitched rides on rats, which was how they got near so many people. Since the rats they usually fed off of died quickly, they moved onto other animals and people, killing millions.

How was the pneumonic plague spread?

The pneumonic plague was spread through someone breathing in the same air as someone with the plague

How did the people become infected with the plague?

Bubonic plague was spread by being bitten by fleas that had bitten infected rats.

Why were pubs shut down during the plague?

people thought it was a place for the plague to spread because it was a social place

How did people become infected with the plague?

Bubonic Plague was spread by being bitten by fleas that had bitten infected rats.

What started the witchcraft accusations?

The spread of the plague & other kinds of disease.

About how long did it take for the plague to spread through Europe?

The Plague took approximately 4 years to spread through Europe. The Plague killed an estimated 75 million to 200 million people from 1346-53.

Why did the plague spread quickly among people in close proximity?


Where did the plague begin and how did it spread?

The Great Plague begin in Asia. The plague was spread through infected flees that carry the plague to rat,Which the rat transmitted that same plague to human.

How was the plague was spread?

The Black Plague was spread black rats and fleas that came on the boats.

How the plague spread throughout Europe?

The black (bubonic) plague was spread by fleas on rats.

Where did the bubonic plague spread to from china?

From China, the Bubonic Plague spread to Sicily, Italy.

How did the fact that Guangzhou and Hong Kong were busy ports speed the spread of the plague?

If they were busy ports, there would be a lot of people there to catch the plague and spread it to friends, families, etc.

How did the fleas die during the black plague?

During Plague fleas were among the main factors to spread it. People with Plague had bloody vomit fever and tumors.

What actually caused the black death?

Bubonic Plague - was spread by the fleas who lived on plague-infected rats, and such rats were ubiquitous on trading ships. But the people of that time believed that the plague was a punishment from god too punish the wicked and the good people would be saved by god.Pneumonic Plague - could spread with a sneeze and jump from person to person with terrifying speed.Septicemic Plague - spread through contact with open sores

Spread of bubonic plague in Europe?