Why did the round table conferences fail?

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The round table conference stood little chance of success.Lord Irwin was replaced as Viceroy by Lord Willington,who was much less prepared to make concessions.In places the non-cooperation movement restarted and willington responded by having congress leaders , including Gandhi and Nehru, arrested.

Jinnah had gone into voluntary exile, disillusioned with the lack of progress being made.

Lack of Cordination for which British stood Advantages as they declared that India was not ready to rule as a nation as ther were so many conflicts with in every Indian.

It was difficult for the conference to make progress without Congress.
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Who attended all the three Indian Round Table Conferences?

Sir Agha Khan from the Muslim league was the only member whoattended all three round table conferences of 1930-1932. MathmaGandhi did not attend the first and third conference

What is second round table conference?

Second Round Table Conference (September -- December 1931) The second session opened on September 7 1931. There were three major differences between the first and second Roun
In Mohandas Gandhi

What is the third round table conference?

The three Round Table Conferences of 1930-32 were a series of conferences organised by the British government to discuss constitutional reforms in India. They were conducted