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Officially, the main issue was "State's Rights" -- the right of a sovereign state (like South Carolina) to make its own laws, structure its own economy, without interference from the Federal government. In actuality, one of the main issues was a State's right to allow/promote/legalize slavery. Slavery was a key issue, but not the sole issue

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I think they retreat.

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What southern states wanted to secede from nation in the civil war?

south states

How long did the southern states secede?

The Southern States seceded from 1860-1865, during the course of the Civil War.

What would you call slave states that did not secede prior to the civil war?

there isn't really a name for them, they are like any state but they have slavery. you could call them southern slave states or slave states, or southern states...... there is no definition for slave states that didnt secede proir to the civil war

Did the northern or southern states secede from the union?

The Southern states formed The Confederate States of America and wanted to be a separate country. The Civil War prevented that.

Can Montana secede from the union?

Montana can vote to secede from the Union. However, similar to the Southern States attempts to secede during the Civil War, the Federal government would not allow it to occur.

What border did not secede in the civil war?

Borders do not secede but states do. Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri were border states that did not secede in the union.

Who were the first states to secede from the civil war?

south Carolina

Why did the union states in the Civil War fight in the Civil War?

To preserve the nation and not let the confederate states secede Best Answer: Politics!

During the civil war copperheads were?

"Copperhead" was a term given to Northern people who sympathized with the south and the southern states' right to secede from the Union.

What is a southern term used to refer to the civil war?

The civil war.In the south, many referred to the Civil War as "The War of Secession". They wanted to secede from the Union, to be independent from the United States. To the south it was not a civil war.Read more: What_are_terms_commonly_used_to_refer_to_the_Civil_War

To live or separate from an organization such as a nation or the US?

You may be thinking of "secession"-- the verb is "to secede." During the civil war, a number of southern states decided to secede from the Union and form the Confederacy.

What happened when lincoln became president?

Southern states secede from the union and then the Civil War began.

Why do you think the south considered the civil war a war of independence?

Because the southern states had formed a new government, called the Confederacy, and were fighting to secede from the Union---to be independent.

Which southern state was the first to secede from the union during the civil war?

South Carolina

When did the US become part of civil war?

A civil war is a war within a country. By definition, the war was within the US. We were not PART of the war, we WERE the war. It began when there was political disagreement between the Northern and Southern states, and the Southern states attempted to secede (withdraw) from the Union, and form another country. The war began on Apr.12,1861 with the bombardment of Fort Sumter.

What happened after Abraham Lincoln became President of USA?

Because of Abraham Lincoln, the Southern States started to secede from the Union. Then, the Civil War started.

Which US president's election to office in 1860 caused seven Southern states to secede and eventually cause the American Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln

Civil war secede?

what does secede mean

What are slaves states called when they didnt secede during the civil war?

The Border States, or the Buffer States.

Did the south have the right to secede from the US?

The southern states certainly believed they had the right to secede, but most of the northern states disagreed. The question was answered by a sort of trial-by-combat called the American civil War.Because the Confederacy lost the war and the Union was preserved, it turned out that no state had the right to secede without Congressional approval.

Where the confederates in the Civil War?

The Confederates were the Southern states in the Civil War.

How did succession of southern states help cause the civil war?

it helped the civil war by sparking the thoughts of war because of slaveryThe Civil War started when some of the Southern states seceded from the Union. So really the secession of the Southern states was the cause of the Civil War.

States that did not secede the US during the civil war?

Became known as the Union.

Which side of the Civil War did Texas join?

It was one of the first states to secede.

In the Civil War period what did Webster mean by peaceable secession?

Webster meant that the Union should allow the Southern states to secede peacefully. However he stated that once the Southern states seceded it would have to do so by force.