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Why did the spanish colonies come to America?


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they came to America because they need more spices to make some good food to eat

they were looking for gold and silver and stuff like that so they would be RICH!


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The Spanish colonists came to set up colonies for the king.

As slaves for the Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Americas.

Bolivia is named after Simón Bolívar, the revolutionary who fought to expel the Spanish from their South America colonies.

The four social classes in the Spanish colonies were peninsulares, creoles, mestizos, and Indians.

The sweet potato came from Central America. The Spanish brought the sweet potato to Florida when they settled there and it spread to the Thirteen Colonies.

Because the Spanish-speaking countries of South America were all once colonies of Spain.

The Spanish-speaking countries of Central and South America were all once colonies of Spain.

During the colonial times, which promptly followed the Age of Exploration, the Spanish quickly became the most powerful of all the powers in Europe. Spain, unlike all other European powers (England, France, and Portugal) had colonies in all of the Americas. They had colonies in North America, Central America, and South America. However most of their colonies were in South America ( and that is why most South America speaks Spanish).

The Spanish colonies in America started falling during the Peninsular War when Spain itself was under attack from Napoleonic troops. The start of the 19th century proved to be a turning stone for the Americans when they started independence movements throughout the country. This resulted in the loss of the Spanish colonies in Central America, North America and South America by 1825. During this time the Spanish lost most of their colonies in America except Cuba and Puerto Rico. This was often done with the help of the British Empire whose main interest was to break the Spanish monopoly in America. The 1898 Spanish-American War resulted in the loss of the remaining Spanish colonies in America. This was the end of the Spanish rule in America, after which the Spanish scattered all over the continent and settled in different places. But the Spanish colonies in America still existed for a while longer, mainly comprising of the poor immigrants or politically exiled Spanish, in Cuba, Mexico and Argentina.Be that as it may, the questions asked when slavery started in the Spanish Colonies. It started from the beginning. The Spaniards first enslaved native peoples, and when they died of disease and exhaustion, the Spanish brought over slaves from Africa to work the mines and fields.

Mainly the British, Spanish and French

From South America and introduced into Europe from the Spanish Colonies there

There is no longer any spanish (or other) colonies in South America. All the countries are fully independent.

The defeat of the Spanish Armada cleared the way for England to start colonies in North America.

The Spanish began to explore America looking for land, gold, and other riches. They settled in America to establish colonies for Spain and to search for riches.

The settlers of Georgia came from Spanish colonies near Florida. And the settlers of the Spanish colonies came from Spain... obiviously! :)

Because Mexico and Central America were once colonies of Spain.

1604 - the Spanish Armada was defeated - the way was clear for England to start colonies in North America.

The english economy established trade and the spanish empire in latin america has little importance

The Spanish came to America in the late 1400's and the early 1500's.

for resourses,land and to have a dominate empire

Spanish, Portuguese and French.

unite the Spanish colonies of South America into a single

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