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Why did the spanish conquistadors consider he Aztec Indians to be savages?

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They wanted the gold from Aztecs so they needed a reason to kill them and take their treasures

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What spanish soldiers invaded and took lands from Indians?

Conquistadors were the Spanish soldiers that invaded and took lands from the Indians.

What kind of clothing did Spanish conquistadors wear?

When he was a conquistador, he dressed in armor. When he lived with the Karankawas, he dressed like the indians.

Which country were the conquistadors from?

Conquistadors came from all over Europe, but most were Spanish conquistadors from southwestern Spain.

How did the arrival of the spanish in north America affect the American Indians?

The first Spanish in North America were Conquistadors on exploration missions. They brought with them diseases that the Indians weren't immune to - like small pox and measles. These diseases killed thousands of Indians.

Spanish conquistadors defeated the blank tribe in Mexico?

Spanish conquistadors defeated the Aztec "tribe" in Mexico, in 1521.

Why did Spanish conquistadors go to the Americas?

Spanish conquistadors went to the Americas in search of the three "G's", which are God, Gold, and Glory.

How do you spell conquistadors in English?

The standard spelling is the same as the Spanish, conquistador, with the normal plural conquistadors(Spanish conquistadores, conquerors).

How did the arrival of Spanish conquistadors and settlers lead to a new social structure in Mexico?

spanish conquistadors in 1519 and cartier in 1534

How are the Spanish explorers called?


What were the changes for the Aztecs?

Spanish conquistadors

How many spanish conquistadors are they?


Who is conquistador?

Conquistadors are Spanish soldiers.

What were spanish invaders known as?


What did the spanish conquistadors eat?


Who discovored Colorado?

Spanish conquistadors.

What is the name for spanish explorors?


Was it true that the conquistadors were from France?

No, they were Spanish.

Who was the leader of the spanish conquistadors?

there is many different spanish conquistadors the most famous are cortez who defeated the Aztecs and Pizarro who defeated the Incas

Where did the Spanish conquistadors come from?

The Spanish Conquistadors came from Spain.They came from Spain to America in search of gold and other treasures that the natives had

Where were the Spanish conquistadors?

The answer is in the question the conquidors were spanish. Meanig they were from spain.

What is the difference between the Incas and the conquistadors?

The Conquistadors conquered the Incas. that is the main difference, the conquistadors were Spanish conquerors. Incas were an ancient civilisation.

What country taught Indians about the Roman Catholic faith?

Spanish conquistadors and explorers usually were accompanied by priests who began missions to evangelize the Native Americans.

Were the Conquistadors Spanish?

No, not all of them were of Spanish birth, there were Greek, German, Italian and Portuguese conquistadors that I can think of. See the link below for a full explanation.

How did the spanish conquistadors defeated the incas with so few men?

The Spanish Conquistadors defeated the Inca's with a few men after the Inca had their empire in ruins.

What were the spanish conquistadors' goals for exploration?

The phrase that is associated with the Conquistadors is "god, gold, and glory."